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In the latest commercial row between boxers, Dillian Whyte has been described as a “disgrace” and “coward” by Kubrat Pulev following Whyte’s demeaning comments towards Pulev’s abilities.

Due to be fighting Anthony Joshua this coming June, Pulev was insulted by Whyte being called a “cabbage.” These comments came about as Whyte exclaimed that Joshua should be facing him and not what Whyte calls “some dead body” when describing Pulev. If that wasn’t enough, Whyte’s compared Pulev to a vegetable and stated that Pulev is “…old now, and he wasn’t even good when he was in his prime.” As it could be assumed, this barrage of less-than complimentary comments drew Pulev into responding accordingly.

“Dillian Whyte is the biggest coward in the entire heavyweight division”

Were the words Pulev boldly said in response to Whyte’s kind words. Pulev explains that Whyte had three chances to fight for world titles and “rejected them all”, one of which was against Pulev for the IBF title.

After referring to Whyte’s opportunity to fight Joshua last year and turning it down, Pulev states, “Whyte and Fury have the biggest mouths in all of boxing, but at least Fury has some balls.” Pulev summarises aptly by explaining to both Whyte and Fury, “once I smash Joshua, I’ll fight either of them, any time, any place.”

Being set to match up with Alexander Povetkin in July (delayed from May) this year, Whyte’s response is sorely awaited after Pulev’s called him “the biggest coward” in boxing and a “disgrace” to the sport.

The Coronavirus crisis continues to delay our much-awaited conclusions to all the greatest fights this year and unresolved insults between fighters. We await the answers to our biggest questions:

Will Whyte get the opportunity to fight Joshua again?

How would a match up between Whyte and Pulev turn out?

When will this ever-prolonged state of lockdown end?

Until this tide comes into shore, we sail on searching for the answers and resolution to our current state of uncertainty. Stay safe boxing fans.