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It will have been hard for anyone to miss that the news from the past week has been dominated by the tragic passing of George Floyd. Last Monday, May 25th, George Floyd was the victim of excessive use of force by Police in Powderhorn, Minneapolis.

Of course, we won’t go into full-coverage of what happened, as it is already well-covered on news sites worldwide. We will, however, take a moment to reflect on something that very clearly should never have happened.

All too frequently in our society, people are marginalized and persecuted for things as simple as their preferences, lifestyles, sex, and skin. It’s easy for us to say it shouldn’t have happened, but the only thing that will really make a difference going forward is if we hold ourselves and those around us accountable for our actions.

There’s not much we can do individually to change the injustices in a system that doesn’t want to change, but by ensuring we don’t perpetuate these problems we can contribute to a gradual and very necessary change.

For those of us with a platform, we can and should use it to educate, inform, and actively try to stamp out prejudice when we see it. Over the past week, the outpouring of support from the general public, politicians, celebrities, and sportspeople has been immense. It might not seem like tweeting or writing Instagram posts can make any difference, but any action that forces this injustice, and others like it, to become the focus of conversation is only going to bring about positive effects.

Of course, people are going to have different ideas on how to react to George Floyd’s death. There are peaceful protests happening right now all over the world. There are also riots and mass public violence. People are debating about what the right thing to do right now is, and there are no right answers.

But there is one answer that is not acceptable, and that is ‘nothing’. Whatever you choose to do whether it’s tweet, post, protest, or simply explain to your kids why what happened is so wrong, don’t do ‘nothing’. Having said that, we definitely don’t condone violence and urge you to find some other way to make your voice heard. Above all else keep yourself safe.

Anthony Joshua, Tony Bellew, Derek Chisora, Anthony Fowler, and Nigel Collins are just a few from the boxing world who have shown their continued support in the last 24 hours.

Terence Crawford took to Instagram with an alarming post, showing him with two pistols in his lap, the caption reads “Protect yourself at all times people!!!” If it seems excessive to those of us living outside of the U.S, know that Crawford isn’t doing this for clout, he’s not doing it to make a point, he’s doing it because he feels that it’s necessary for his own safety. If that seems excessive, it goes to show how far some of us can be from really understanding how dangerous it feels for some people to simply walk the streets.

Our thoughts obviously go out to George Floyd, his family, and the greater community in Minneapolis. We urge you all to do your best not to allow situations of prejudice and injustice, no matter how small, to go unnoticed. We’ll be trying to do the same. Everyone, stay safe.