Austin Ammo Williams wants to fight Anthony Fowler no smoke boxing news


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Texas-based prospect Austin Williams, currently sitting on a 5-0 record, faced some backlash recently after posting a video to his Instagram of him ‘sparring’ with a man who could barely box. The video sees Williams, a very powerful puncher, landing big shots on the man at will. It’s not the most comfortable thing to watch when it’s clear to see that his opponent shouldn’t be in the ring with him.

Among those who took extreme exception to his behavior, were Billy Joe Saunders and Anthony Fowler. Commenting on a repost of the video on Twitter, BJS said ‘that poor man clearly can’t hold his hands up proper when I’m in US I’ll move you around we see what happens then’. Fowler responded ‘Bad s**thouse he is, bullying that’.

Williams and BJS have since traded insults over social media in the form of videos and tweets, as have Fowler and Williams. Fowler, speaking to Behind the Gloves, commented on the sparring video saying “That kid was a novice, that kid couldn’t throw a punch and he was beating him up. His coach should have said ‘look lad let’s… just move him around go easy. Work on your defense don’t try and knock him out’. Which he was trying to do, which was really, really nasty”.

Fowler continued “So, as a boxing man I know myself that that’s a c*** that… it’s like bullying, so I called him out for it.” Fowler revealed that Williams then ‘DM’d’ him on Twitter saying he wanted to fight him.

While Ammo Williams has since taken to Twitter in response to the controversy, with what is a textbook non-apology, he has ridden the wave of attention he’s receiving by calling out Anthony Folwer in an interview.

Speaking to iFL TV, Williams said “Not only do I not like the guy because he’s a guy who tried to kick me while I was down. I truly watch him and think that he’s a truly basic fighter… I’m gunning for him, I want to knock him out cold, end his career.” They’re big words from a hugely confident and talented boxer with a good amateur career, but with only 5 pro fights, it’s too early for Williams to be looking at Fowler who sits almost 300 places above him in the rankings.

Williams is a great prospect, but he still needs a lot of work. He knows he has explosive power to take people out, but as a result, he can be seen charging in with no defense or regard for what’s thrown at him. He comes straight forward with his chin high, much the same way he did in his controversial sparring video. He might be able to do that against the lower level opposition he’s faced so far, but any of the top 100 super-welters in the world would expose him for that, especially the 26th ranked Anthony Fowler.

It looks like some bad blood is building between the two, as well as BJS, which could set us up for some interesting fights down the line. But those fights would need to come way, way, down the line for Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams. He’d be better served in the meantime concentrating on incrementally adapting to the pro game, maybe against sparring partners who can actually give him something to improve upon.