BREAKING: Callum Johnson Retires From Boxing

BREAKING: Callum Johnson Retires From Boxing
BREAKING: Callum Johnson Retires From Boxing

Former World Light Heavyweight Title Challenger Callum Johnson Calls An End To A Decade Long Career

Callum Johnson today announced his retirement from boxing via a post on his social media pages found below.


Well the day has come I never thought would and the day I never wanted to come. I don’t think retiring is the right word so I’ll say quitting.

But the boxing days are over, not by choice really or on my own terms, but more by lack of self discipline and struggling to battle and deal with my own mental struggles & demons. I tried and I tried again but kept failing.

I’ve let a lot of people down, especially this year and I’m truly sorry and I never meant for it to end this way and honestly never saw it ending this way.

Even up to a couple of days ago I was thinking there got to be a way I can salvage it and right all my wrongs both to my self and others that have helped me, but this time it’s genuinely to little to late.

I’m fully to blame for my failures and accept it and now got to start learning to live life with out boxing and learn to forgive my self for letting everyone down around me. Especially my manager & trainer Joe Gallagher, my Kids and my Dad. And the biggest one letting my self down.

Funny cause my dad was always right haha. He did say to me once or twice “the only person that would ever beat me and stop me would be my self” He was right 🤷🏻‍♂️

There’s loads of people to thank that have helped me along the way but I’ll get round to thanking them all personally over the coming days & weeks.

As of right now I haven’t a clue what I’m gunna do with my life and need some time to digest the fact it’s the end of this part and only part of life I’ve ever known. I do wish it ended differently but as of a lot of things in life, it is what it is.

People will say I achieved a lot and I suppose I did in a sense and maybe as a 10 year old boy if I was told I was gunna win what I did and do what I’ve done i would of been a happy 10 year old.

Truth is tho I will always remember my career for what I didn’t win and what I didn’t do.

Thanks to each and every person that has supported me along the way, wether it be coming to watch me , watching on TV or just sending a comment or message wishing me well. I did and do appreciate you all 💙❤️

Thanks to all my sponsors that have supported especially Acorn Taxis & MooreThompson Accountants. There more like family than friends


Callum Johnson Statement (Callum Johnson Facebook Page)

NoSmokeBoxing wishes Callum Johnson the best of luck with whatever he chooses to do next.

By Darshan Desai

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