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Q&A Corner With Brett McGinty

Brett McGinty had a long amateur run moulding his style and craft since he was 9 years old. Still, a long way to go in the pro game and to ultimately achieve what he knows is most boxers’ main goal – to become a world champion!

Starting his pro career with good activity Mcginty feels it’s been a bit stop-start, his last outing was in November last year reaching 4 and 0, and he was due to box again the following month but for a should injury to keep the 23-year-old Irishman out of action.

Brett McGinty Q&A Corner

Q: Tell us a bit about your background, where are you from? How old were you when you started boxing and why did you start? Was anybody of inspiration to you?

A: I started boxing when I was 9, firstly just to get fit for football I come from a footballing family so that was why I started. Took to boxing straight away and loved it and been doing it ever since.

Q:  You have had bags of amateur experience and in your first 18 months as a pro, you’ve racked up 16 completed rounds and 1 TKO victory thus far, so how active do you plan on being over the next 18 months?

A: As active as possible my pro career has been a bit stop-start since I turned over, I was starting to get some momentum towards the end of last year and was just about to have my 5th fight in December but I picked up a shoulder injury that knocked me back a couple of months. So the plan now that I’m back fit and healthy is to be as active as I can be.

Brett McGinty Q&A Corner

Q: Do you have any pre or post-fight rituals? Anything you’re superstitious about?

A: Not any superstitious only ritual when I get into the ring is I always bless myself but nothing really other than that.

Q: Who is your boxing idol and why?

A: I’ve always looked up to triple G I love his fighting style and I like the fact that he’s so ruthless in the ring but so respectful out of it.

Q: Where do you see your career in five years’ time and what do you want to achieve from boxing?

A: I see myself as a champion, obviously the ultimate goal for every fighter is to be a world champion in boxing but in the process, I would like to earn some nice paydays and look after my family.

Brett McGinty Career & Mindset

Brett McGinty will feel he is better equipped than others because of his vast experience prior to turning pro and his determination to get back in the squared circle after a setback so prematurely that’s so far kept him out of action for 7 months after building some good momentum and banking rounds.

A huge part for any athlete is the mindset, injuries and being away from what you love doing can have a draining effect mentally. Then it can take time to readjust and get back into the swing of things, depending on the severity of course.

Mcginty’s mindset will be fully focused on this Saturday as he finally returns to action at the Doncaster racecourse. Sparring with rising middleweight Bradley Rea will only put him in good stead as he prepares for battle! Watch out for Brett Mcginty!

By Dan Kelly

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