Coronavirus and Boxing No Smoke Boxing


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Could we see the Coronavirus put a halt on upcoming Boxing events and until further notice?

With travel bans being imposed daily as well as worldwide governments advising and in some cases enforcing people to stay in their home and self-isolate, this really could be the start of a very difficult time for the world of Sport.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus across the globe has impacted the staging of most sporting events so far from Tennis to Cycling to Formula1 and especially Football.

Based on research conducted by specialists and the World Health Organisation, the virus can remain on clothing materials, metal, skin, and other objects for several hours so the risk of becoming infected without even coming in to contact with another individual is still relatively high.

To reduce the risk of contracting this infection, professionals are advising everyone to avoid crowded areas and here lies the main problem, with most Sports, encouraging large crowds to attend their shows Boxing promoters are understandably beginning to worry that immediate shows may need to be canceled or postponed until further notice.

As an alternative to Cancelling Sporting Events the idea of hosting an event with no crowds has been ‘tossed’ around but could a Boxing promoter afford to do this? Definitely not as most shows do rely on their ticket sales to turn a profit.

So it seems promoters may have no choice, either make potentially huge financial losses or cancel important shows and ‘bench’ their fighters.

NoSmokeBoxing’s View…

Fans could help! Due to existing contractual agreements and future fight schedules we could realistically see a number of promoters around the world test and host Boxing events with no crowd just so they can keep the Boxing community happy and engaged and also to ensure their fighters don’t go ‘off of the rails’.

This is potentially where fans can play their part!

On the basis that the fight card is strong enough to usually warrant being placed on ‘Pay Per View’ fans can show their support of the Sport by purchasing the fights to watch, a healthy increase in ‘PPV’ purchases will no doubt hugely help bridge that gap of not being able to take revenue for ticket sales.

Why? You ask… As Boxing fans we all want to see the biggest fights and we all want to see our favorite fighters in the ring as often as usual and this could be the only way Boxing businesses keep the doors open through this Pandemic.

It is worth mentioning, however, that no notable Boxer has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection so far. Let’s hope it says that way.