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Daniel Egbunike, the 6-0 Super-Lightweight, is doing much more than his part to help the community right now. The 30-year-old started boxing at his local gym, very late at 23, but after just two years went on to win both the novice and elite ABA titles.

He turned pro in 2017 with Peter Sims, but it was after a move to MTK Global that he became the Southern Area Super-Lightweight champion with just six pro fights, the quickest run on record.

He’s continued to show what a champion he is outside of the ring after launching his own professional cleaning service, in response to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the UK. Egbunike, said “I just knew it’s going to a time when other people are going to need something. I just have to think about what they’re going to need…A lot of people are calling in so obviously our services are definitely needed…we’re also doing our services a lot cheaper than other companies. Like the other companies, we are actually joining the fight against COVID-19 in terms of maintaining cleanliness at homes and offices.”

With so many boxers, athletes, and celebrities making donations to help relieve pressure on the NHS and other key services, it’s a time when everyone is clearly chipping in with anything they can.

Many athletes, like Derek Chisora, have even started manufacturing their own branded facemasks. Derek ‘War’ Chisora has taken time out from warmongering to promote his ‘War’ branded coronavirus facemasks, with all profits going to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund, which provides meals to key workers at the NHS.

The efforts of Daniel Egbunike have gone above and beyond though because, while it’s still a business running for profit, he’s creating much-needed jobs for people and providing a key service in a sector which is massively overburdened which benefits public. Not to mention he’s taking a big risk with his money in a turbulent time, to make his cleaning service a reality.

Egbunike has made an admirable and successful effort to turn his life around through boxing. Before joining his local boxing gym, Stroder Boxing Gym in Kingston-upon-Thames, in 2013, he served three sentences in prison for drug offenses. His success since has marked a positive change for him and he is clearly keen to pay that positivity forward.

Speaking directly to proboxing-fans.com, Egbunike gave his advice for any prospective boxers regarding their financial expectations, “the most advice I can give to people is, forget all of that, come in and just be prepared to do your work. Be prepared to graft, from small hall shows, all the way up to big full shows. Forget about the bread, you ain’t going to see no bread like that for a minute”.

It sounds like Egbunike has fully thrown his heart and soul into boxing and it’s giving him so valuable things back. We’re glad to see another young man finding a love for the sweet science and changing his life for the better. If you’re a London based boxing fan, keep an eye out for Egbunike.

Egbunike’s Kingston-upon-Thames based cleaning service, Fresh Fog Services, can be found both on Facebook and at their website, freshfogservices.com