Dennis Hobson Blames Ben Shalom For Natasha Jonas vs Hannah Rankin Not Happening

Dennis Hobson Blames Ben Shalom For Natasha Jonas vs Hannah Rankin Not Happening
Dennis Hobson Blames Ben Shalom For Natasha Jonas vs Hannah Rankin Not Happening

Sheffield Promoter Dennis Hobson Has Revealed That The Shady Business Tactics Used By Shalom Stopped Natasha Jonas vs Hannah Rankin From Taking Place

Veteran Sheffield-based promoter Dennis Hobson revealed in a Porky’s Corner interview last week that the primary reason for the WBA/WBO 154-pound unification between Scotland’s Hannah Rankin and Liverpool’s Natasha Jonas not taking place was down to the ‘dishonourable’ business tactics imposed by BOXXER head Ben Shalom who ‘knackered up the fight’.

Hobson explained that he wouldn’t work with anyone who went ‘behind his back’ to approach manager Sam Kynoch and then eventually Rankin herself about the fight with Jonas. Hobson implied that Rankin was under contract with him and that BOXXER/Shalom were illegally ‘tapping up’ his fighters.

Tapping up is the process of illegally attempting to recruit a boxer while they are still under contract with a promoter. This is not the first time Shalom has been accused of illicit tactics. In July, Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing issued a ‘legal letter’ after BOXXER/Sky were approaching Okolie while he still had one fight left with Hearn/Matchroom.

Rankin would’ve fought either Jonas or Terri Harper per the Sheffield promoter and the reason they went with Harper was down to Shalom’s underhand methods which meant Dennis Hobson refused to work with him out of ‘principle’.

Hobson blasted Shalom and believed that the 27-year-old should not have been given the contract with Sky. “Let’s be honest, he shouldn’t be in that position. They backed him tremendously and there’s got to be reasonings behind why he’s in the position he’s in.”

“He’s got a lot of s**te coming. He’s getting sued and Sky are going to have to look at his position because he’s getting sued by certain people for some of his comments and some of his actions”

“I’ve been in business a long time, Metal business, engineering company. He (Shalom) wouldn’t last two minutes. He (has) no honour. He tries to do business by sending you a text. You have a meet with him, next thing he’s texting ‘Have we got a deal or not?’, I’m like ring me up Ben (and) he doesn’t ring you. Another week goes by (he texts) ‘Have we done the deal? I’ve offered you a deal.‘ You need to learn some manners, first pal.”

“There’s a right way and a wrong way, he’s a tapper upper, he’s a poacher and he’s got no manners. He’s going about it the wrong way and he’s gonna end up being an embarrassment to Sky (Sports) television. Marky my words”

By Darshan Desai

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