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Today we’ll be taking a look at one of the brightest young boxers on the British scene at the moment. The 19-year-old Dennis McCann went pro just shy of a year ago, on May 18th, 2019. Since then Dennis ‘The Menace’ McCann, has racked up an impressive 6-0 record, with 4 KOs.

As an amateur McCann amassed a 50-4 record, winning multiple championships, and getting himself on the radar of a number of big promoters and managers. Currently managed by MTK Global and promoted by Queensbury Promotions, McCann has transferred his amateur success into a great springboard for a promising professional career.

At just 19-years-old, he has shown a degree of flair and showmanship we’re accustomed to seeing from much more established boxers. His excellent fundamentals and innate understanding of the ring space have allowed him to effortlessly outbox his competition so far. McCann is an extremely agile and light-footed fighter, favoring a wider stance which allows him to move in and out much more quickly than most of his opponents. While a wide stance is not textbook in boxing, McCann’s sheer ability allows him to utilize in a way that many other boxers can’t. In many other people, McCann’s form would be considered poor technique, but McCann has developed his own style based on his above-average skill set.

McCann has already been compared to Prince Naseem Hamed, due to the manner in which he has dominated his pro fights so far. He dances around the ring, holds his hands low or touches his opponent’s forehead to bait them, he feints and weaves with incredible skill.

He also takes cues from Lomachenko, with his bewildering hand placement and ability to pivot around fighters. He’s fought completely square-on to throw powerful combos as Mike Tyson did. While McCann is still young and has a lot of developing to do, not least physically as he’s sure to keep growing into his body for the next few years, he already has an excellent understanding of his balance and speed, riding the limit of what his body allows him to do. He fights fluidly, changing tactics and styles at a moment’s notice, simply because he can.

His unorthodox techniques have been working for him but we need to remember that as an amateur, McCann was an extremely technical fighter, who showed great boxing skills against high-level opponents. His recent pro fights have been shows more than fights, McCann is making a statement to the boxing community that he is levels above the journeymen he has been facing. McCann is starting to build a highlight reel early on, as he clearly knows that the good publicity will get him bigger fights, bigger purses, and more negotiating power. 

On his transition to the pro circuit, McCann said, “I did the amateurs to be a professional and when I got this opportunity, I took it with both hands”. McCann understands that the pro game is more than just boxing well, it’s about promotion, matchmaking, building fights and, selling tickets. Good technical boxers are a dime a dozen on the pro circuit, as they are in the amateurs. Boxers that know that they’re able to outbox someone so comprehensively that they showboat in the ring, and still win, are far fewer.

He’s a still growing fighter and will be looking to challenge higher-level opponents within the next few years. Once he comes up against someone who can match him, we’ll see a return to the boxing techniques that won him amateur success, but while he’s taking the learning fights, he seems keen to enjoy and promote himself.

To see Dennis ‘The Menace’s’ best performances as a pro, watch his fights with Kamil Jaworek, Jerson Larios, and Georgi Andonov – You won’t regret it.