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“…In my eyes, I don’t see Fury as a champion”

These were the words spoken by Deontay Wilder in talks with boxingnews24. During the interview, Wilder elaborates more on his views of the second fight between himself and Tyson Fury explaining that “it wasn’t me” in the fight with Fury; that something was wrong with him during the entirety of the fight.

Having been knocked out in the seventh round by Fury, Wilder states that he does not wish to discuss the problem now before the third and final fight in case it seems an excuse. Wilder goes on to state, “That night, I wasn’t myself. I felt like a zombie”; a statement that elaborates Wilder’s physical and mental state at the time. With Wilder’s flawless record of 42-0-1 tarnished with a KO defeat from his Fury rematch, Wilder is clearly frustrated and seeks resolution.

Despite much speculation over the first two bouts between Wilder and Fury, a wide range of controversy still surrounds their first fight where Wilder had Fury KO’d in the 12th round, yet the Referee astonishingly gave Fury a count back in. Given this controversial take on the fights, it could be put that as it stands, Wilder and Fury are on equal grounds at 1-1; both awaiting the ultimatum to their rivalry.

With multiple reasons given as an explanation of Wilder’s defeat, Wilder speaks about bringing in two new members to his training team to provide him with the edge he needs to get him back into the ring to complete the trilogy. Adding to Wilder’s mission, Wilder also explains that George Foreman had “dropped a couple of gems…” of wisdom to Wilder which he intends to chase up on by visiting Foreman to “get some of that good old knowledge that he has up there.”

Taking a lot of criticism since his last bout with Fury, Wilder has potentially made the best choice he could by taking on new training talent to guide him in his goals to reclaim the title from Fury. Calling himself “the king” already, Wilder has made a clear statement in all this…that the trilogy fight is going to happen and that Fury better be ready when they next enter the ring together.

Will this change in capacity be enough for Wilder to reign victorious…or will Fury make a “zombie” of Wilder once again? We shall see…