dillian whyte wants to fight Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic in ufc no smoke boxing news


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Aged 31, winner of two British titles in Boxing, ranked number 1 with the WBC, previously ranked number 1 and holder of the European title in Kickboxing; Dillian Whyte seems set to take his ambitions and skills into the MMA Octagon!

In an article two days ago published by the DailyMail, it expressed that Whyte intended to fight in the UFC scene, calling out two MMA fighters by name to state a challenge: “to fight someone in a UFC fight and a boxing match, one of each, either way round, Dana White can hit me up anytime.”

In his talks with the Daily Mail, Whyte states two MMA stars that he would wish to fight with; Stipe Miocic – the American MMA fighter/Fireman/Paramedic and Francis Ngannou – the Cameroonian-French MMA pro. These are two of the most dangerous Heavyweight fighters currently in the UFC fighting scene – so it sounds like Whyte means business…

In his discussions, Whyte describes his method to defeat Miocic by “keeping him moving” then to “put him to sleep” before he has a chance to take down Whyte. As the current reigning UFC Heavyweight champion, Miocic holds a record of 19 wins to 3 losses of which 14 were TKO and is a well-reputed fighter. To state that Whyte intends to put the champ to sleep may seem far-fetched to those who did not follow Whyte’s career before he turned to Boxing, but I advise you to look more closely at his history.

Having held a record of 20-1 while Kickboxing and finishing his only single MMA match with a KO in 12 seconds…it’s clear Whyte holds a far stronger standing in multiple fight settings than what could be assumed from his boxing fight style and career.

When speaking about Ngannou, Whyte states, “I’ll fight Francis Ngannou too, he would be my ideal fight.” Coming from humble beginnings and wearing a great sense of pride, Ngannou was rated Number two in the Heavyweight UFC rankings as of late 2019 and has a record of 14 wins to 3 losses of which 10 were TKO’s and 4 won by submissions.

Despite Whyte stating that Ngannou has “no chin” in discussions with the DailyMail, a fight between Whyte and Ngannou would be remarkable to witness pitting two powerhouses against each other.

Whether it’s in the octagon, the boxing ring or both; if it all goes as is speculated, we’ll be in for a few fight lineups that fans will not want to miss!