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Following the verbal feud between Andy Ruiz and Dillian Whyte, with featuring slurs such as Whyte labeling Ruiz a ‘Fake Mexican’ and Ruiz’s refusal to fight for a reported seven-figure sum; it seemed to have come to an end.

Did you think it was all over? Think again.

Dillian Whyte W27 | L1 | D0 [18KO] lays the verbal knockout again and again as he picks apart rival Andy Ruiz W33 | L2 | D0 [22KO], on Twitter with comments such as calling him a “snitch a** b***h titty boy” just yesterday!

This Tweet was made in response to Ruiz marking his ‘Day 8’ of quarantine with remarks of stating, “…2 of you have the same boyfriend”. Though it is not clear who this is directed at, Dillian Whyte took the time to elaborate the ‘snitches get stitches’ rule to Ruiz…just in case he forgot!

Just the day before on the 24th March Ruiz called Whyte out on his “Stanky leg tutorial”, posting a video of one of Whyte’s previous matches against Anthony Joshua. During the video clip, it shows countless celebrities and individuals satirizing Whyte’s defeat against Joshua following a hit that caused his legs to wobble relentlessly.

Even the day before that Ruiz had posted a further video of Whyte’s loss to Joshua to continue his public shaming spree!

It would seem that this love-hate relationship between Ruiz and Whyte – bound to twitter and physical appearances – will never end. Until one triumphs over the other in the ring!

Let us know – Who do you have to win if the fight was to happen?