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As the joy of large audience spectator boxing reduces in the current climate of the coronavirus crisis, all hope might not be lost. Promoter Eddie Hearn and DAZN speculate the relaunching Fight Night game following talks with EA Sports!

As witnessed from a tweet released by DAZN-USA on Twitter, it portrays Hearn’s Instagram post with Anthony Joshua on the cover with the quotation:

 “I’ve got this little Fight Night idea, which I’ve pitched to EA Sports…It’s not just a virtual game…It’s much more complicated than that…I think the return of EA Sports Fight Night would be huge.”

Hearn, actually first started to create a buzz about the potential return of the Fight Night games back in 2019 when he mentioned in an interview with a Youtube vlogger stating:

“I wrote to EA Sports, ‘Do you realize how many questions I get about Fight Night games – let me bring it back?’

But if you are a Matchroom / DAZN fan don’t get your hopes up just yet – FURTHER rumors dating to January 2020 which were covered by ABTV on their Youtube channel state that they had inside information that a new version of the Fight Night game was to be released this year and would feature a cover image of the Knock Out Artist himself – former WBC World Champion, Deontay Wilder

If the gravity of this isn’t sinking in yet…let us elaborate on the history of Fight Night.

Originally following on from Knockout KingsEA Sports’ 1998 to 2003 boxing games – Fight Night is a series of boxing video games that brought ‘legends’ and ‘contenders’ alike into the ring for players to decide who wins and who loses.

This opportunity for the relaunching – and potential reshaping – of Fight Night with promotion from Eddie Hearn and DAZN may well be the light of hope and joy that gets us through this current dark, isolated days we currently face.

With the opportunity to pit legend against underdog in Fight Night…this relaunching may take that thrill even higher.

The unfortunate news is that if Hearn, DAZN and EA Sports haven’t already started working on this game then we will most likely NOT see its release this year as the development of these games can take a lot of time to perfect – Here’s to hoping its already completed and ready to go!