Muhammad Ali v Mike Tyson eWBSS no smoke boxing news


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Following up on the eWBSS Virtual Heavyweight Legends Tournament…the Finals are almost upon us! To get you up to speed in case you missed it, The World Boxing Super Series created a virtual simulated version of boxing which began on March 23rd featuring 8 Heavyweight Legends from the past creating remarkable line ups! Hosted upon the EA Sports “Fight Night Champion” game, the tournament has reached its penultimate conclusion!

With both Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson making it to the final today following Ali’s dramatic KO of Sonny Liston, and Tysons savage KO over his long admired Hall of Famer, George Foreman who is also Ali’s old foe. There has never been a final line up so heart-pumping!

Many feel it a shame that Foreman didn’t come through the semi-final with Tyson as it would have been a momentous final to the series granting Foreman a chance for revenge following the 1974 Rumble in the Jungle historical event! For those who were unaware, in 1974, challenger Ali claimed victory over Foreman who was at the time the undefeated World Heavyweight Champion.

As for the final, with Tyson v Ali, anyone in the world will understand the controversy of this lineup. Aged just 12, Tyson watched his hero – Ali – get knocked out by Larry Holmes in 1980. That day Tyson called Ali to vow revenge on Holmes for KO’ing Ali. 8 years later in 1988, a 20-year-old Tyson KO’ed Holmes with ease and pride.

To have Ali to face Tyson in the eWBSS final is like a hero to face a champion…for a father to face his son.

We will discover the ultimate conclusion tonight!

If you hop over to WBSS’ twitter page you can vote now for the weight class for eWBSS Season 2: Welterweight or Middleweight. You decide!