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Haringey Box Cup Enters Its Final Day

Here’s a breakdown of the Haringey Box Cup so far as it enters its final day.

Haringey Box Cup

Ring A

Bradon Harcroff reined in the hooks for the duration of the three rounds against Adam Olaore to secure a 4-1 victory. His relentless combined with Olaore’s tendency to get drawn into inside exchanges rather than keep it at range meant Harcroff won decisively.

Tobi Lawal stopped Arlo Stephens in a humdinger of a final clash of the semi-finals of the Haringey box cup. Stephens was troubled by the straight shots of Lawal which helped push the head back and create space for power shots of other varieties. Although, Stephens also had Lawal hurt at times during the contest, including a moment when Lawal illegally turned his back on Stephens. Both men could refine their technical aspects when under the heat of battle and stay more composed but ultimately there are the raw ingredients for both of these men to have successful careers in the sport.

Haringey Box Cup

Ring B

Harley Carberry showed a world of talent in his fight with Kyron Oduro-Rogers. He swung consecutive hooks from different fists which resulted in a standing count and quickly followed that success up with the pivotal stoppage. Oduro-Rogers simply couldn’t live with him.

Christian Thomas and Dean Walsh served up a classic at Ally Pally as both men toiled and twisted in a riveting clash where Walsh consistently landed with the sharper shots and found the cleaner angles. Thomas was visibly overcome with disappointment but it takes two to tango and he showed some fine dance movements through some silly uppercuts.

Haringey Box Cup

RIng C

Scott Long found himself on the end of a devastating knockdown inflicted by Billy Hughes, who claimed the scalp of the Celtic Box champion. Long couldn’t establish the jab and showed great powers of recovery to quickly get up, but not to a sufficient extent to survive for much longer after the count that followed the knockdown.

Iman Zahmatkesh was not a happy bunny despite progressing to the finals of the Haringey box cup. His fight with Jack Hindmarsh was messy at times, but ultimately he was able to slip shots with supreme reflexes and back up Hindmarsh with fast hands, but perhaps his lack of contentment in victory derived from the fact he often smothered his work, preventing him from forcing a stoppage.

Star of the day

Terri Naylor was the best performer for me, showing the pure art of hitting and not getting hit by moving in and out of range with subtlety and slipperiness. A true boxer, she barely lost any 10-second period of the period. The lateral movement is used to work angles and get out of the line of fire, rather than simply used as a side-stepping act of inhibition. She could go to the top.

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