Evander Holyfield v Mike Tyson third fight no smoke boxing news


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‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has been one of the biggest news stories in boxing over the past few weeks. First, he announced he was thinking about boxing in exhibition bouts, and we all had to discuss whether he was too old to do so safely. Then on his Instagram, he released a video of him hitting the pads with trainer Rafael Cordeiro and we were impressed. To say the least, Iron Mike can still throw blistering hands.

The next question we had was who would he step into the ring with? There were some reports, although false in the end, that he might be fighting New Zealand Rugby player Sonny Bill Wiliams.  This always seemed like a bad idea, Williams is a 34-year-old professional rugby player and elite athlete sure, but he would be putting himself in genuine danger against Tyson, even at 53 years old.

But now it seems like the real reason for Tyson’s comeback has become clear. Shortly after Tyson announced his desire to come back, so too did Evander Holyfield. Since then, both men have been seen training on video, and Holyfield has now announced he wants to have a third fight with his long-time rival.

Now, we believe in coincidences as much as the next person, but this convenient sequence of events seems to be developing too smoothly to be one. Generally, when someone announces a comeback, there’s a lot of talk about who they could face, and a lot of energy spent trying to coax old foes out of retirement.

If their management teams can’t find a retired boxer willing to join them in a comeback, they turn to aging boxers still active on the professional circuit, just like Nigel Benn did for his ill-fated comeback return against Sakio Bika. This in itself takes from weeks to months.

Then you have the matter of training and getting back to fitness. Tyson has been open about his trepidation to return to the gym in the past, crediting his mature attitude and calmer demeanor to the distance he created between himself and his boxing life. He has been open about his lack of physical exercise and it was apparent from his figure that he was taking it easy as he aged. But the Tyson we’ve seen in the recent videos is in phenomenal shape, hardly the physique of a guy who just ‘decided to start hitting the mitts again’, no, Tyson has been training hard for a while.

While he’ll still have a lot of conditioning to do to get fight fit, the physical transformation Tyson has undergone takes more than a few weeks, especially for a man in his 50s who hasn’t been keeping active. The reveal of the training video, the announcement of a comeback, and the link to Holyfield seems like a calculated move that has been in the works for a while.

Then we have the Real Deal. Holyfield has generally stayed more active than Tyson since retiring, much more recently, in 2011. Despite all this, Holyfield announcing a comeback to boxing so soon after Tyson seems too convenient, these kinds of discussions normally take much longer than we’ve seen here.

Manufactured or not, we look forward to seeing the two rivals step back into the ring for the long, long, awaited trilogy. We just hope both men stay safe, train smart, fight smart, and leave the ring with all the body parts they went in with. They’re both hoping to raise a decent amount for charity, so we respect the driving force behind it all.

We all know the saying ‘If it makes money it makes sense’ but do boxing fans really want to see these 2 ‘Hall of Fame Legends’ come out of retirement?

If they do who have you got winning this? Let us know down below.