john fury could fight michy theo in charity fight no smoke boxing news


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In an argument almost a month ago between John Fury (Tyson Fury’s father) and Dana White (president of the UFC), Fury told White he would “smash him with one punch.”

This response was prompted by White predicting that Fury’s son – One of the current World Heavyweight Champions – would struggle if he were placed in an Octagon fight.

In a fairly respectful manner, Micky Theo –  fellow doorman, friend and sparring partner to the notorious Lenny McLean – responded to Fury’s claim that ‘he’s the toughest 54-year old man in the world’ stated by the Sun newspaper, March 9th.

In Theo’s video, he politely puts it that he is aged 56 and believes that he is fitter than Fury. Theo continued to state, “I believe I could beat you in a proper boxing match.”

During his video shout out to Fury, Theo explains that he wishes to fight for the good cause of the NHS during this coronavirus; potentially in a form of a charity match to settle the score while raising money.

In a heated rebuttal video, Fury accepted the offer proposed by Theo in an angry, showmanship fashion while pointing out his past bouts with what he described as “world-class men.” With clenched fists, sitting on a sofa in a pair of shorts, Fury stated, “I will fight you gypsy style” and that Theo would wish that he never mentioned his name.

How this story proceeds is uncertain, but if the fight were to happen between John Fury and Micky Theo it would surely light up the boxing schene in a way never seen before – But in a good way?