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Floyd Mayweather has come back out of retirement more times than we can count here at NoSmokeBoxing. After relinquishing his WBC titles in 2015, he has made two comebacks for crossover fights with UFC fighter McGregor and Rizin Kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa. Since early 2019 Mayweather has been teasing a 2020 return to the ring, seldom giving much detail beyond showing his fans that, at 43, he still has great abs. 

Several more fights would actually make real sense for Mayweather. The fight is most likely going to be another crossover fight, with one of the big draws from outside of boxing. Money has one of the greatest records in boxing history and he won’t tarnish that with anything truly competitive. He is an astute businessman though and if he can line someone up who can bring in a few hundred million while having little to lose himself, he’ll find a way to maximize the cash flow through The Money Team.

Mayweather v McGregor 2

This is an easy choice. Floyd teased this one himself in January through his Instagram page. During the first fight, he was in no danger of damage from Conor McGregor. He went in with a smart game plan, baited the overly eager and aggressive McGregor, gave him the first three rounds so he’d gas himself out and then dominated the rest of the fight. It was entertaining enough, McGregor did reasonably well but understandably showed a huge lack of tactical boxing awareness. Mayweather got away with an easy night and walked away with a reported $200m. McGregor bagged $100m. Probably the easiest money either man has ever made and the fans loved it. Running it back for a second makes huge sense for both of them.

Mayweather v Khabib

Much of the talk circling Mayweather v McGregor 2, has been down to Mayweather openly meeting with Dana White many times over the past few months, with both men teasing “something big in the pipeline”. However, Dana has a stable of fighters hundreds deep, and any one of them would jump at the chance for a big paycheck. Khabib and his team have been openly asking for their crack at Money since 2018. Khabib’s manager Ali Abdelaziz went as far as threatening to leak texts from Mayweather “begging for the fight” when Mayweather denied that they’d been talking. Mayweather then went on to post on his Instagram that he might box Khabib and make more money than he did fighting McGregor.

Honestly, this fight looks like an even easier one for Mayweather than McGregor was. Conor McGregor is one of the best stand-up fighters in MMA and would likely take many of the UFC guys in a straight boxing match. Khabib on the underhand is most feared as a wrestler, he can strike for sure, but men standing toe to toe with him normally aren’t fearing his punches. Whether Mayweather takes this one will come down to if the money is there.

Who knows, Mayweather being the fan of money that he is, he could easily fight both McGregor and Khabib in 2020.

Mayweather v Pacquiao 2

This is the big one. TMZ and Forbes both posted about this possibility back in the tail end of 2019. Pacquiao is still an active boxer and looking good for his age, currently holding the WBA Welterweight Super Title. Mayweather won the first and knows that he’ll be able to cash a very big check if he goes ahead with this one, but where does Dana White come into it?

Well, Dana White is a great promotor and has stewarded Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC to extreme success over the years. Dana White also recently spoke openly about Zuffa Boxing, a new venture under the Zuffa banner. Co-promoting Mayweather v Pacquiao 2 with The Money Team would be a huge entrance for the Zuffa Boxing brand. It’s the kind of big, bold move Dana White and Floyd Mayweather are known for.

Unfortunately, Pacquaio isn’t likely to benefit nearly as much through this arrangement. Outside of his fight purse, Manny won’t take nearly as much as the promotors will. Throughout his career, Manny has been known as a great boxer, a prize-fighter, but rarely an astute businessman. Most theorize that the reason Manny is still fighting competitively at 41 is that he can’t afford to retire. Another fight with Mayweather might allow him to finally do that.

So, who do you think Floyd Mayweather has deals on the table with? Let us know in the comments below.