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Mike Tyson has been in the headlines non-stop for most of 2020, with his comeback, fledgling marijuana business, and talks of a film about the life of the youngest Heavyweight champion in history.

Addressing the Tyson film first, I have some doubts about the casting and I want to know if any of you feel the same. As an actor, I have nothing but praise for Jamie Foxx, his performances in Django, Ray and The Soloist were some of our favorites by any actor. Additionally, through Ray and The Soloist, he showed the versatility and skill needed to depict real people in a way that does their story justice.

So, my only real problem with Jamie Foxx, I’m sorry to say, is his age. Tyson is 53 right now, Foxx is 52. I know Hollywood will work its magic, but I don’t know how Foxx is going to accurately depict the absolute force of nature Mike Tyson was at 20 when he himself is as old as Mike is now. Any 20-something-year-old athlete would have a hard time doing Tyson’s physique justice, let alone a 52-year-old actor. It just struck me as a strange choice, especially given that Hollywood is full of extremely talented black actors who are much more suited to the role age-wise.

When rumors initially began circling about the Tyson film, I instantly thought I knew who they’d cast and I still maintain it would be a better choice, Michael B. Jordan. For one, he’s already shown he is willing and able to get into insane shape through his roles in Black Panther and Creed, for which he was lauded. Plus, with all of his training for Creed, he’s already built up some decent screen-boxing skills and could spend more time getting Tyson’s personal characteristics right. It just makes much more sense to me to cast a 33-year-old as a 20-year-old, than 52-year-old. I mean, they could use Jamie Foxx as modern-day Tyson, and Jordan as young Tyson, which would make for great casting. Just our ‘two cents’, what do you think?

Is Tyson serious about fighting Jon Jones?

Back to the real world, which is starting to sound a lot like a movie itself, as part of his PR rampage to hype his exhibition fights Tyson has been carrying out interviews with anyone who will listen as well as making sure he has a presence on social media platforms from the US to China.

Speaking to Charlie Mack on IG Live, Tyson remarked on the level to which top UFC fighters are underpaid compared to the top boxers, despite the UFC commanding a much larger audience these days. As he was making his observations on the pay gap, Tyson said that the only way UFC light-Heavyweight champ and widely regarded best pound-for-pound MMA fighter, Jon Jones could make $100m, is by fighting him. Tyson said that even if Jon Jones and Conor McGregor fight, as the UFC’s two biggest stars, they couldn’t make $100m.

It was a throw-away comment rather than a serious offer, but nonetheless, Jones saw it and was quick to respond on Twitter, “I’m listening @MikeTyson”. The discussion comes after weeks of disputes between top MMA fighters and the UFC, as the fighters are starting to call out UFC management over fight purses. Jones was recently openly critical of Dana White, the two exchanging heated words over social media, with finishing by saying Jones is free not to fight if he chooses to.

Jones followed up with Tyson on Instagram by posting, “@miketyson I’ll box you in the ring if you promise to give me a real fight in the octagon afterwards. And because I respect you so much, I promise I won’t break anything on you”. Now, Tyson has been vocal about his willingness to fight anybody and he’s clearly out to make big money from his name, but a fight between Jones and Tyson probably isn’t the best way to go.

Even in an exhibition fight, the pair are just too poorly matched for it be a good deal for Tyson. Despite Tyson’s wealth of experience in the boxing ring and his impressive physical form recently, Jones is likely to be no easy ride. For one, Jones is one of the UFC’s best strikers, with a special talent for judging range and neutralizing his opponents with his reach and movement. At 6’4″ and 32 years of age, Jones would have a huge advantage over Tyson who would need to put on an otherworldly performance to close Jones without gassing out.

While he might be able to make the boxing match competitive, Tyson would get slaughtered by Jones in the MMA fight. Despite Jones promising to go easy on Tyson in the MMA ring, the risks are just too great for Tyson who has never had to deal with wrestling, submissions, or kicks in his professional career. It would be fun to see Jones crossover to box Tyson as McGregor did with Mayweather and I’d also be very happy to see Tyson make big millions for himself, but under the terms, Jones outlined, I’d not want it to happen. 

We’re not really sure what’s happening with Tyson’s exhibition fights as so many rumors have been flying about, but we do think Tyson should stick to fighting men his age under boxing rules.

Make the easy millions Mike, keep your legacy and health intact.