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One of the main questions floating around the boxing scene at the moment…

In a fight between prime Carl Froch and Joe Calzaghe…who would win?

Calzaghe – who holds an undefeated 46 win record (32 KO’s) – is the professional Welsh boxer that retired back in 2008 holding his unblemished record having won all 46 of his fights. Froch wants to become that blemish…Both fighters have both held the title of Super-Middleweight Champion and now both retired, might just be back in the boxing scene if given the opportunity.

Back in 2007, April, Froch was explained to have his sights set on challenging Calzaghe by BBC Sport but was denied that chance. Holding on to that long-time rivalry, 13 years later, Froch wants to take up the gloves once again to take on Calzaghe and prove his mettle.

Speaking out recently on Fighting podcast, Froch stated that he would “flatten” Calzaghe after explaining that only Calzaghe would be “the right dance partner” that could lure him out of retirement. To further temper the fire, Froch insults Calzaghe to bait him into the fight by remarking on the size of Calzaghe’s head adding, “I don’t know why it’s swollen up so badly. He looks like he’s got high blood pressure. He looks a bit of a mess.” With Froch admitting his want for the fight to go ahead and acknowledging that he is taunting Calzaghe for that purpose, Froch states that he’d “definitely fancy a bit of that” if Calzaghe agrees to fight.

Calzaghe has kept out of the limelight since retirement and refused to respond to Froch, laughing as he discarded the idea of the fight ever happening. “It’s mad; I’m still living in his head after all these years,” Calzaghe informed Talksport following the challenge from Froch. On the other hand, Froch is known to always spark a reaction from boxing fans. Comments are often derived from Froch’s statements on twitter like the humorous statement by Cardiac1963 on April 10th: “I see Joe Calzaghe is self-isolating in Carl Froch’s head.”

Despite outright declining the suggestion of a fight posed by Froch, Calzaghe said that he would be “too fast and too sharp” for Froch. Having stated this, would this potentially begin a verbal rivalry between the two until Calzaghe concedes and agrees to fight? Who knows? What we do know is this: a match between two former Super-Middleweight champions would be a match we wouldn’t miss for the world!

Will it all dissipate, or will it build up into a rivalry for the ages?

Like with any fight – Boxing fans would have much preferred to see them both fight each other in their primes, but a fight now may do the trick!