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Ezekiel ‘Kel’ Brook, 33, former IBF Welterweight Champion and British Welterweight Champion seems to have started giving up hope on the possibilities of the long-discussed domestic showdown between himself and Amir Khan. Khan, tagged as one of the fastest boxers of his time, had previously rejected a fight against his fellow compatriot, claiming the then rising star was “not on his level” and lacked respect in a video interview in 2014. After this event, the Sheffield fighter had gone all the way proving himself by winning six fights and losing just twice against formidable opponents.

The hype of this fight cannot be over-emphasized, it would be a huge domestic showdown and have been the dream fight of many boxing fans in the UK that follow both fighters, however, negotiations of a possible fight between them always seems to fall through and go down the drain.

However, the inside story seems to depict Khan as the coward in this potential fight. Both Fighters shared the same popular promoter, Eddie Hearn, who also predicted a future fight in 2019. The British Boxing promoter was not silent in his criticism of Khan. Speaking to iFL TV, the promoter said: “I maxed out on offers for Amir.”

The former British Welterweight Champion has made his eagerness known to step into the ring with Khan no secret by a series of trash talks to spark a reaction from his rival.

In an interview with Boxing News, he said “…………. He’s just trying to capitalize on his name at this point. He’s a whore.” Even at this, the stance of the old Commonwealth Lightweight Champion does not seem to have changed as he continues to ignore Brook.

Recently, Brook seems to have pushed all hopes for that fight to the side and continued to move forward with the remainder of his career, Brook stated: “I’ve given that angle up,”

He continued: “There’s no more I can do. It’s gone past the line now. I’ve done everything asked of me to make it happen. And still, we’re nowhere.”
It does appear as time goes on that it may have been Brook alone that wanted that fight all along, with Khan wanting no part in it.

The Welterweight contender also spoke positively and optimistic in Fighting the current world champion, Terrence Crawford.

Now that is a fight fans would love to see!