Logan Paul To Continue Boxing Career..Against NFL Star Antonio Brown?

YouTube sensation Logan Paul is looking to continue his boxing career by taking on NFL star Antonio Brown. The 24-year-old crossed over into professional boxing last year to face KSI in a rematch of their amateur bout which took place in 2018. Paul is 0-1 after losing a controversial decision to his rival over six rounds.  Despite launching an appeal, the decision stands. The YouTuber wants to fight on in order to get inside the win column. 

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Brown appears may give him that opportunity. The 31-year-old is currently without a team and embroiled in several controversies, including allegations of sexual assault. Unable to compete or earn money in his primary sport he is now looking towards boxing for competition and a payday. Logan Paul issued a public call out to the troubled American Footballer before the pair traded barbs over social media. The fight already has a good amount of buzz amongst their fans who’ll be keen to see the two throw down in 2020.

https://twitter.com/roughnrowdy/status/1214414558657466368?s=20 (Logan Paul Radio Show)

https://twitter.com/LoganPaul/status/1214418118996414465?s=20 (Twitter conversation)

Popular figures are becoming more involved in boxing as we begin the new decade. Matchroom Boxing and DAZN are attempting to revolutionize the sport. Firstly, by taking live events to an online streaming service. Secondly by interlinking professional boxing events with novice bouts between celebrities. Jake Paul – brother of Logan will fight fellow YouTuber AnasonGib on January 30 in Miami. They’ll serve as the co-main event to a world title fight between Demetrius Andrade and Luke Keeler. It’s clear these types of fights are here to stay. What’s not clear is if they are bad or good for boxing. 

Several issues arise from attempting to legitimize these types of fights. First is the obvious lack of quality. True fight fans want to watch world-class athletes, who’ve train all their life to compete at this level. They don’t want to see substandard fights as part of their subscription. We also have a payment issue. A debuting fighter, with no experience, could make millions if they have a big enough following. Whereas only a select few can earn that type of money in professional boxing. To have these novice fighters earning astronomically more than a world-class boxer obviously won’t sit right with most fans. Lastly, there is a wide-spread belief that these events cause harm to the reputation of the sport. Cheapening the product, disrespecting true fighters and only benefitting the money-hungry promotors.  

Despite facing lots of criticism these types of fights do have their benefits. By airing YouTube stars and celebrities alongside ‘real’ boxers you create mass exposure. The Paul brothers have millions of fans and followers who will watch whatever they do. By putting them on a card you bring lots of new eyes to the sport. The likelihood is some of them will enjoy what they see beyond the sideshow and become long term boxing fans. Whilst the other fighters on the card can gain a bunch of new fans with an impressive performance or highlight-reel knockout.

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