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Are we about to see Matchroom Sport venture into the MMA scene? With Dillian Whyte recently stating he would like to fight 2 of the most prominent MMA Heavyweights both in the Ring and in the Octagon – we now know that Logan Paul also desires to put on a show in the Octagon.

Oh.. and matchroommma.com has already been registered for use!

matchroom mma website no smoke boxing news
matchroom mma website no smoke boxing news

In a video discussion between promoter Eddie Hearn and Logan Paul (YouTube sensation) posted on Instagram just yesterday, Hearn brings about the idea of Matchroom/DAZN entering the Mixed Martial Art (MMA) market. In this video, Paul – who has yet to experience victory in a boxing bout against his bitter YouTube rival KSI – explains his wish to apply his wrestling background to a single MMA fight. In steps Hearn, who might just be the man to arrange this…

While mentioning Paul’s background in wrestling, Hearn was met by the response, “That’s my secret, bro” and Paul’s dream expressed when he states, “I need to do one MMA fight before I die.” All this potential for a fighter to place into the octagon ring of MMA while Hearn secures his entrance into the MMA fighting scene…this is too much opportunity for Hearn to pass up on.

All it would likely take is a few small discussions and doing what Hearn does best…PROMOTE!

Throughout the video, Hearn expresses his aspiration to establish a position for Matchroom/DAZN in MMA by featuring Paul’s debut in the sport. Paul explains that he would love to do so with Matchroom Boxing or as he refers to it as, “Matchroom MMA”.  This would benefit both Hearn and Paul to step through the threshold of the MMA door that they both aspire to go venture through.

Earlier this year Paul participated in a sparring match with the UFC Fighter, Paulo Costa, ending in a result that left Paul knocked out following a hard cold right overhand hit. Despite this seemingly poor result, Paul was greeted by a compliment from Costa that might just give him the motivation to enter into this proposition with Hearn graciously. After their sparring match, Costa said to Paul, “90% of guys who go to train MMA have good technique, but not hard spirit, not big heart, you know?… You have both.”

In this speculated MMA entrance for Hearn, Matchroom/DAZN and Paul, who would be fighting our youtube celebrity to create a grand opening for his MMA debut? If it were a well-experienced MMA fighter, Paul might not stand a chance. Alternatively, what if Paul was to face an old foe…say KSI…then there might be a great entrance filled with rivalry and opportunity.

How it turns out…nobody knows, but we fans can’t wait to see how this scene develops! Watch this space!