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Nicaragua, a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain and home of some historic boxing legends including the still active World Boxing Association World Super Fly Champ, Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez, have decided to continue holding boxing events despite the continued global spread of Coronavirus.

Despite the disastrous effects of the pandemic on the global economy, the Spanish speaking country has decided to ignore the lockdown protocol that prevents the spread of the Virus, perhaps due to the small number of cases in the state. Nicaragua now has confirmed eleven cases of Coronavirus. But Nicaragua is not alone, Belarus has continued plans to hold sporting events with both countries continuing to allow sports like Boxing, Football and Baseball to take place both with and without fan’s presence.

The World Boxing Organisation (WBO) had suspended all Boxing activities till June 15 due to the chaos of the pandemic. According to the WBO President, the organization prioritise the health and safety of the fans, and boxing would only come back when the safety of the fans can be assured. The president also urged every member of the Boxing community to assist financially in the fight against the Coronavirus.

The boxing event in Nicaragua will be the first televised event globally in boxing since the virus caused a halt to them in March.

Regardless of the caliber of fighters or whether there are any titles on the line, the event is likely to attract a lot of attention as fans have been without boxing for over a month. Bufalo Boxing Promotions, currently headed by former two-division world champion Rosendo ‘El Bufalo’ Alvarez, has announced the live boxing event scheduled for Saturday 25th April at the largest sporting complex in Nicaragua, Polideportivo Alexis Arguello Sports Center in Managua.

The event will feature a Featherweight clash, Robin Zamora (15-7, 8 KOs) comes against Ramiro Blanco (18-7-3, 10 KOs). Both boxers who are citizens of Nicaragua had previously met on October 26, 2019, where the southpaw boxer, Zamora, came out victorious.

Concerns have been raised from different parts of the boxing world concerning the endangerment of this bout to the fans.  Rosendo seemed to have a solution for every optimistic question relating to the event and the virus when explaining the precautions that were going to be in place, he said. “As an extra measure we are going to ask the fans not to sit together, we will ask that there be a meter of distance. And the commissioners, doctors, trainers, will obviously have to wear masks, latex gloves. We have been fortunate that there have been isolated cases and we all have the need to work, so we are making the effort“.  

The promoter, on behalf of his company, also took full responsibility for providing safety equipment for all the fans who are in attendance.

Although the fight has not been updated on the BoxRec website, ESPN KNOCKOUT is set to broadcast the event, but only in America being televised at 11 p.m. ET.

Due to lockdowns of boarders and the general public is asked to stay mostly indoors in all areas of the globe until further notice, it may still be a long time until we see some of the big names step back in the ring, whether that’s with a crowd or without.

For now, lets hope for the safety of all fans attending this event in Nicaragua and of-course the fighters themselves.