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Q&A Corner With Liam Walsh, The Hot Irish Teen Prospect

Liam Walsh has been boxing since 11 years of age and being around fighters that have taken the step into the professional ranks he’s now occupied a professional ranking himself, at just 19 years of age he’s boxed 12 rounds in 3 outings since October last year and he’s out again this Saturday at Doncaster racecourse.

Liam Walsh Q&A Corner

Q: Tell us a bit about your background, where are you from? How old were you when you started boxing and why did you start? Was anybody of inspiration to you? 

A: I grew up in Kerry, Kenmare. I started to gain real interest in boxing aged ten and had my first amateur boxing contest at 11. My Dad used to be a coach and sponsor of Kings Heath ABA. Being around the environment after school each evening, I was inspired by the older lads in the gym.  Keiron Conway was on his journey to turning pro and that was always a big inspiration to do the same.

Q:  You are just 19 years of age, your record sits at 3 and 0 since turning pro last October and you’re scheduled for another contest this Saturday in Doncaster, so will you be continuing this level of activity over the next 12-18 months? 

A: We’re trying to be as active as possible.  Because you can’t always control and guarantee new fight dates – it is important to push for every opportunity to keep learning in the ring. 

Liam Walsh Q&A Corner

Q: Do you have any pre or post-fight rituals? Anything you’re superstitious about? 

A: Nothing too specifically but I will always put my left glove on first.

Q: Who is your boxing idol and why? 

A: Canelo & Golovkin are two boxers who I admire for their skills and approach.  

Q: Where do you see your career in five years’ time and what do you want to achieve from boxing? 

A: It is always difficult to predict but ideally by the age of 24 I would like to have established my profile and have developed significantly as a boxer and be amongst the best and be challenging for titles. Ultimately, I want to maximise my potential and enjoy the journey and challenges. I’d love to travel the world through boxing and have amazing experiences. To be involved in exciting shows and fights and ultimately I aspire to be a future world champion.

“Ultimately I want to maximise my potential and enjoy the journey and challeneges”

With aspirations of becoming a world champion, Liam Walsh knows what he wants over the next 5 years – to maximise his potential as a boxer and make his stock rise! For the teenage Irishman, it’s not about the destination he’s going to, it’s about the journey and challenges he will face on the way there!

Watch out for teenage Irish prospect Liam Walsh!

By Dan Kelly

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