Sam Jones, the man behind the ‘Juggernaut’ Joe Joyce, has hit the internet to rubbish claims that Dubois can hang with Wilder and said that Joe Joyce is too much too soon for the young Heavyweight.

Speaking to Dev Sahni on The Lockdown Lowdown, Jones was clear about his views on Warren’s recent Hype-Talk. Responding to comments made by Warren about a week ago, that Dubois could knock out Wilder if, given the chance, Sam Jones was quick to shut that down “No… we’re talking about someone who has lost once to an all-time-great in Tyson Fury, it’s just disrespectful”.

Continuing to explain his stance Jones was quick to say that any fighter is obligated to say he would beat another fighter and that any promoter is obligated to back his own fighter, “Listen, if someone asked Joe Joyce now… ‘Joe, do you think you could beat Deontay Wilder?’, he’s not going to say no. It’s a fighter’s instinct. Dubois’ not going to say no. And Frank’s DEFINITELY not going to say no, it’s Frank’s baby isn’t it, Dubois.”

Jones gave some valuable insight and drew comparisons between the level of fighter’s Dubois has faced, with the level of fighter’s Joyce has faced. Jones also described the difference between Joyce and Wilder at the top flight, and the younger much less experienced Dubois. On Wilder v Dubois he said, “I look at the fight against Richard Latte, if Daniel Dubois was trying to swing arms at Deontay Wilder like that, he’d be asleep til not til the virus is gone”. While Jones was clearly being hyperbolic for comedic effect, he’s clearly speaking the truth and getting to the crux of the issue when it comes to accepting the word of promoters. The promoter’s job is to talk his fighters up and the fighter’s job is to believe they’re the best, in any interview situation neither of them can be fully believed.

Despite Dubois being the favorite with the bookies ahead of the Joyce fight, Sam Jones called Dubois’s record into question. Without going as far as to say it was padded, he did highlight the lack of real talent on his kill sheet, “He’s looked spectacular…he’s looked absolutely sensational, no one can take that away from him… but he’s knocked out some people that, come on, they’re just turning up to get knocked out. I mean we won’t mention the other guy’s name who he fought last time (Kyotaro Fujimoto) but that was a joke fight… Ebenezer Tete, useless… Kevin Johnson took him 10 rounds, 10 years past his best”. It’s a scathing dress-down of Dubois’ record list and Sam Jones is not wrong in his observations. Dubois has been a true force, but he’s not yet touched a man as good or as on form as Joe Joyce.

Joyce has a great record, he’s lost but he’s lost against great boxers. He’s also put on great performances in those losses and beaten some truly great Heavyweights. Dubois is still young and is growing into his career, he has a lot of developing to do and I, as well as Sam Jones, think that maybe Frank Warren is pushing him a bit too hard too soon. Jones said, “He’s not the finished article. I do believe he’s going to be a great, great fighter Daniel Dubois, down the line.”

We tend to agree with most of what Joyce’s manager has said, as well as thinking it’s a bit disrespectful on WIlder to even make the comparison at this stage. We also think it’s a bit disrespectful that so many in the boxing world have given Dubois the clear jump on Joyce so quickly and easily.

The only thinking that will truly settle the debate though, is July 11th. Fight night. Stay tuned

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