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Sports Preview: Best Boxing Knockouts of 2023

2023 has been a great year for boxing. From champions securing their titles to rookie boxers trying to make a name for themselves with a serious punch, there has been heaps of action inside the ring. Not to mention big-time knockouts that will stun the opponent and the crowd.

With boxing, every fan would be pleased with the biggest fights of the year and even more with one solid punch. Thus, here is a list of the best KOs amidst all the knockouts of 2023: 

Liam Smith vs. Chris Eubank Jr.

To bet on your favorite sport means that you’d take the underdog over the champ every once in a while – just as Liam Smith won against champ Chris Eubank Jr. Last January 2023, Liverpool’s Liam Smith entered the ring as an underdog, with only a few believing that he would land an upset on Chris Eubank Jr. After strong attacks from Eubank in the first three rounds, it did seem as though the champ would take home the win.

However, Liam Smith stopped his brutal authority with a knockout in the fourth round. Before his KO, Smith pinned down Eubank in his corner, along with a flurry of blows with cuffing rights and left hooks. Afterwards, Smith tore with his punches and sent his opponent reeling down. Smith showed his brutality with these efforts, even if it meant risking the first few rounds.

Additionally, this fight was the 37th match between the two players, which meant a lot at stake – even if it wasn’t a championship match. Moreover, Smith’s burst of aggression solidified his place in the ring as a strong competitor and a place in the best KOs this year.

Mauricio Lara vs. Leigh Wood

In March 2022, Leigh Wood earned the spotlight when scoring a Hail Mary Knockout against Michael Conlan. In February this year, Wood appeared to have a lead against Mauricio Lara during the WBA World Featherweight Championship, only to have suffered an enormous comeback loss.

In the second round, Lara landed solid punches, aimed for Wood’s legs, and even went for a headbutt. Although Wood sported a large cut after this round, he pulled himself back up and claimed the third round. Moreover, Wood continued with this flow, digging his punches into his opponent’s ribs.

Wood’s timing and speed took over, yet it took one solid punch to turn the whole game around – and Mauricio Lara did just that in the seventh round. Although Wood beat the clock, Wood’s corner soon threw in the towel. Overall, these two boxers went to fire their hooks, yet it was Lara who landed the hardest and sent his opponent flat.

Eduardo Nunez vs. Jesus Martin Ceyca

On March 4, you can count on the Nunez vs Ceyca match to bring on the KO action. Although this wasn’t on anyone’s calendar, that didn’t stop Eduardo Nunez from making one of the year’s best knockouts.

During this match, Nunez stepped forward and unloaded a right punch that sent Ceyca to sleep – and that’s in the second round! Moreover, medical attention was immediately sent to Ceyca after the knockout, ending the match with a well-deserved win for Nunez.

With this, Nunez advanced to a 24-1 record (24 wins and one loss), a sign of true boxing power. On the other hand, Jesus Martin Ceyca entered the game unbeaten and left with damage to his 17-1 record with a fight-ending punch.

Brian Mendoza vs. Sebastian Fundora

For this middleweight match, fan-favourite Sebastian Fundora was expected to cruise through the game easily. However, Brian Mendoza struck him with a cracking hook during Round 7.

Despite having low results on the scorecards, Brian Mendoza was confident he could win against the 6-foot Sebastian Fundora. In the first few rounds, Fundora was effective on the inside, landing uppercuts and bruising Mendoza.

However, a left hook is all it took to stagger Fundora. This attack was paired with a right cross and left hook, sending Fundora to the ground. Although the fight didn’t start well for Mendoza, he soon proved he could surely end it with one blow.

Junto Nakatani vs. Andrew Moloney

Former flyweight champion Junto Nakatani makes it into the list as he outboxed Andrew Moloney with a heavy knockout. On May 20, Moloney was hoping to join the ranks as a world champion, but this dream was short-lived against the fiery Junto Nakatani.

In Round 2, Nakatani goes with a right punch and two left uppercuts, sending the Australian boxer to the canvas. Although the punches landed successfully, Moloney could bounce back with a few punches of his own.

During Round 11, the Aussie finds himself on the floor again. Here, Nakatani lands a huge left hand, sending Moloney to a knockout for the second time. In the last round, Nakatani goes to work and sends Moloney to the canvas with a savage punch, showing how scary of a boxer he can be.

Final Thoughts

2023 has proved to be a fun year for boxing, especially with plenty of knockouts inside the ring. Nonetheless, you’ll find yourself looking back on these top five – as they provide underdog action and a savage display of punches.

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