Ted Cheeseman is not done yet after the 24-year-old scored a unanimous decision win over Sam Eggington to capture the International Boxing Federation International Super Welterweight title on Saturday in the first Matchroom Boxing Fight Camp event.

Cheeseman, who had not won since beating Asinia Byfield in October 2018, started the fight with a sense of urgency, knowing that a loss would likely put an end to his boxing career. Eggington battled back in the later rounds, but it was not enough, as Cheeseman escaped with 116-113, 116-113, and 115-114 verdict.

Both fighters were willing to go toe-to-toe early in the fight, but Cheeseman landed the bigger shots. Late in the second round, Cheeseman connected with a vicious counter hook that almost sent Eggington down to the canvass. Cheeseman also rocked Eggington in the fifth round after which, Cheeseman seemed to change his approach slightly and stopped ‘boxing’ and started to trade more often and more aggressively with Eggington.


Eggington showed resiliency in the second half of the bout and was able to bust Cheeseman’s nose in the seventh, however, Cheeseman had another big moment late in the eighth round, rocking Eggington with a big right hand, but Eggington seemed to hang in there and prove just how tough he is.

The two fighters looked a bit tired in the later rounds of the fight, but both of them had their fair share of the spotlight. Eggington had a chance to steal the victory with a flurry of staggering blows late in the 12th round, but Cheeseman weathered the storm until the final bell sounded.

This really was a fight that had us on the edge of our seats wondering what was going to happen next or who was going to go down first, but both of these fighters demonstrated pure determination and aggressive will to win and the knockdown just didn’t come for either side.

With the win, Cheeseman improved to 16-2-1 with nine wins by knockout and also dodged retirement. ‘The Big Cheese’ admitted that he would have called it quits had he lost on Saturday.

In an interview with IFLTV, Cheeseman said “I put my heart and soul into this sport,” Cheeseman said. “The thing was a bit of morale and confidence boost. I hadn’t had a win in nearly two years. If I lost tonight, I would have retired.” Cheeseman recognized that the win was a big leap for him, as he is expecting to end up as the fifth-ranked boxer in the division, which would line him for bigger fights in the near future. “If I lost tonight, I was retired, but now I could be No. 5 in the world,” he said. “I’m IBF international champion, I could cry my eyes out with happiness.”

On the other hand, Eggington dropped to 28-7 with 17 knockout wins. The loss to Cheeseman was his first in his last five bouts after winning against Jordan Grannum, Lewis Van Poetsch, Orlando Fiordigiglio, and Daniel Urbanski, respectively.

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