Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury in 2021 no smoke boxing news


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Tyson Fury has been busy under lockdown, with his team telling various media outlets about the developing state of his contracts regarding a super-fight with Anthony Joshua.

On Wednesday Tyson Fury appeared on Good Morning Britain, virtually-alongside his promoter Frank Warren; ‘The Gypsy King’ and his team were keen to say that AJ himself is proving to be the last hurdle.

Frank Warren said that they’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement with a country that is interested in hosting the fight and will make a financial bid for it in the coming days. Just looking at the recent history of big-money sports deals, paired with the COVID-19 travel restrictions in place across the globe, this country is most likely to be one of the richer Gulf states like Saudi Arabia.

One thing that’s for certain though, as ‘The Gypsy King’ needed to sign an NDA with an ‘unnamed country’, it’s clear that what is possibly the biggest fight in British boxing history won’t happen in Britain. If any venue in the UK were to be the host, no NDA would have been necessary.

Warren said that he doesn’t think AJ and Hearn really want the fight to happen, “Tyson can speak for himself, I know he wants the fight, but I don’t think the other side do. I think it’s just lip service, we wanna (sic) get it on, the British public wanna (sic) see it… I’m hearing behind the scenes that they don’t really want the fight.”

Speaking directly to Sky Sports, Warren explained that even though Fury is widely considered the #1 Heavyweight in the world, they are interested in making the AJ fight happen more than they are interested in securing the lion’s share of the purse. Warren told Sky Sports, “It’s not a difficult fight to make. Whatever is on the table is 50-50… Fury is the No 1 Heavyweight but we don’t say 60-40. 50-50 down the middle.”

Obviously keen to get give boxing fans the fight they deserve and ever the showman, Fury has been very vocal about wanting to fight AJ and his frustration that ‘the dosser’, as every foe is to Fury, is not prepared to fight him.

Where does AJ stand?

The news from AJ’s side has been a lot more subdued, which is not to say that things are not in the pipeline. Hearn has been mainly focusing on getting Whyte v Povetkin on air, which is fair as it’s happening much sooner, but he has also addressed the big ‘undisputed’ event.

In the last month Hearn revealed his hopes for staging two AJ v Fury matches in 2021. This was always expected as in boxing’s modern era, even when fights aren’t too close, the top-flight boys always get a second run at the victor. The two-fight deal proposed by Hearn would be welcomed by Warren who, regardless of whether Fury won or not, will be eager to cash in as much as possible. 

Speaking to iFL TV, Hearn said, “I just believe AJ beats Tyson Fury and I believe he knocks him out… I think it’s a wonderful fight and I’m very, very confident that you will see one or two of those in 2021… “Back-to-back? Yes. But you’ve got all sorts of problems, you’ve got the Deontay Wilder problem, Dillian is the mandatory for Fury too.”

Joshua has remained the more placid man, as is expected given the Gypsy King’s characteristic bombast, but he has expressed in no uncertain terms that he’s is ready to go and wants to take Fury out. AJ spoke matter of factly to iFL TV admitting that his bout with Fury was big, but explained, “The biggest. The biggest! Look, you know what? There’s going to be even bigger, because I’m not going anywhere. I’m here to kind of make history. I’m hungry, I’m fired up, Fury’s just another opponent at the end of the day. Yeah, it’s going to be big for everyone else, but I’ve got to keep myself together and I’m looking at Fury like he’s just another fighter… but in terms of the spectacle… I can’t wait.”

As usual we’ll have to see how much of what the promoter, in this case Frank Warren, has said is true. But, the two Heavyweights are definitely on a collision course, and we’ll just have to wait and see.

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