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With all the dispute surrounding the upcoming trilogy rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, former trainer of Mike Tyson, Jeff Fenech had something to say…

He states that with only six weeks of training, he could bring Tyson out of retirement and have him in good enough shape to knock out Wilder in just a minute!

Regarded as one of the heaviest hitting Heavyweight punchers throughout boxing history and specializing in brutal up-close-and-personal fighting, Tyson remains the titleholder of being the youngest heavyweight champion in history. Claiming his title in 1986 when he KO’d Trevor Berbick, Tyson began his professional boxing career aged 20 and knocked out 44 of his 56 opponents before retiring in 2005.

Fenech accepts that Wilder is a very heavy hitter, but explains his belief that Wilder’s chin crumbles when he takes a knock to the chin. Speaking with Sporting News, Fenech stated, “Boxing’s not the same now” and guaranteed that with just six weeks training, Tyson would “knock Wilder out in a minute.” Fenech analyses the abilities of Fury stating, “If these guys are getting knocked out by Tyson Fury – who’s…not a huge puncher – Tyson would kill these guys.”

A true believer in Tyson, Fenech tells Sports News that the fighters today are not remotely up to scratch with the same level of skill or sheer power that Tyson brought prior to retiring. “Fury’s got these other skills, but Deontay Wilder’s got a punch and nothing else” continued Fenech, as he dissected our modern boxing professionals. Were Tyson to come back and fight Wilder, Fenech explains about Wilder that “if you punch him, it’s over. And Mike don’t miss.”

What if Mike Tyson were to come back? Would Wilder take one hit and go down? Would Mike tear through his opponents with a barrage of uppercuts and knockouts like before? All these questions with no answer…For now, all we can consider is the question on everyone’s minds right now…

So… Wilder with his destructive power and Fury with his undeniable boxing skills – Who will win the Wilder v Fury trilogy fight?

Let us know your thoughts below.