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With Kell Brook scheduled to fight next Saturday, Amir Khan’s name is sure to be bounced around by all the Boxing media.

Should Brook be successful against Mark Deluca the obvious choice for him going forward will be a big showdown with Khan in the summer, but what should Amir Khan do next? Given Amir Khan’s name recognition, he’s not short of options. Here are four potential match up’s we’d like to see Khan in this year.


We’re all bored of talking about it yes, but given the years of back and forth trash-talking, failed negotiations and tough losses both men have had Brook is the number one fight for Khan this year. It’s a huge showdown in the UK, nowhere near as big as it once was but still a big stadium fight. Once it could have been a fight to determine one of the best welterweights in the world now we will have to make do with it determining the best welterweight in Britain. This fight has to happen this year, it’s too much money for both men to throw away. One more loss for either man and this fight is more than likely gone for good.


Khan has probably spent more time chasing a fight with Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao than he has in training camps and who can blame him? With the number of millions that were up for grabs. But could we see him this year finally get one of the fights he’s always wanted? There are rumors that Saudi Arabia has expressed interest in staging that fight so money should not be an issue. Pacquiao still looks like he could be potentially the best welterweight in the world right now alongside Errol Spence and Terence Crawford and a win over the Philippine senator would put Amir Khan right back on top.


Without a win since 2017 Adrien Broner could be the best matchup for Amir Khan. Broner has only fought three times since 2017 and has failed to secure the W in all three fights. It’s a fight that’s been talked about for many years, Broner always does big numbers whether that’s due to his out of the ring antics we’ll let you decide. Both men can talk up a fight and purely on name recognition alone this would be seen as a big matchup and possibly the most winnable fight on this list.


Danny Garcia is the man many perceive to have discovered the blueprint to defeat the speed of Amir Khan. In 2012 Garcia scored a huge upset win over Amir Khan, Knocking him out in 4 rounds. With a combination of perfect timing and huge left hooks, Garcia put the writing on the wall. At the time it was perceived as a huge upset because we did not know what Garcia would go on to do, securing wins over Morales, Judah, Matthysse, Peterson, Guerrero, and Malignaggi …Garcia solidified himself as one of the very top welterweights in the world. You can bet Amir Khan would love to right that wrong and redeem himself in a rematch.

Who would you like to see Amir Khan fight next? Someone not on the list? Leave your pick in the comment section.