Mexico to hold the first official world level boxing event boxing news


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After a brief hiatus, which has felt like a very long hiatus, international-level boxing might be seeing its first fight confirmed for the beginning of June. While there were some regional fights held in Nicaragua last month, the proposed bouts in Mexico will feature genuine top-ranked international stars as well as a few world champions.

Emanuel Navarrette, current WBO World Super Bantam titleholder, is pit against fellow Mexican, Super Lightweight prospect Pedro Campa on June 6th. The fight is set to be a non-title fight, as the card will host only Mexican boxers, and Campa is not in contention for the WBO title as per the WBO rankings. The fight will take place at 122lbs, with Campa coming down to meet Navarette.

Navarette is an aggressive pressure fighter, getting on top of his opponents from the opening bell and staying there, overwhelming them with volume punching and relentless pressure. You often see him eschewing defensive maneuvres, preferring to cover up and absorb shots before exploding back with his own punches. Navarette has fast, heavy hands, and seems confident that as long as he keeps throwing punches his opponents won’t be able to match him. He has a great engine but does tire in the later rounds due to the sheer number of shots he lands. Usually, by the point his pace starts to slow, his opponents are bloody-faced and have had their energy and speed sapped from body shots.

Pedro Campa is a similarly talented and powerful puncher, but there are levels to boxing. Campa has yet to face an opponent of Navarette’s quality, were it not for the COVID-19 virus he would’ve had a long road to a fight of this caliber. Campa will see himself put on the world stage in a way he hasn’t been before, as he’ll be headlining the fight card with Navarette.

Campa fights in a similar pressure-heavy style, hounding his opponents and refusing to give them any room to breathe, with a left-hook focus. It’s a style Mexico has become famous for, a style Mexican boxers are very proud of, and a style both of these men pull off very well. Campa has great head movement and is less likely to cover up under fire than Navarette, but this is because Navarette has such a strong chin and body he’s confident he can take the shots. Navarette also knows that with his opponents dealing with his pace, volume, and accuracy, they’ll find it difficult to find their own rhythm.

Campa will put on a good fight against his countryman, he’ll go into it looking it establish himself early on, showing he’s not going to be pushed around. Navarette being the faster and more skilled fighter will look to dictate the rules of engagement and carry out his preferred game plan, to which Campa will need to adapt. Navarette is by no means a slugger though, he still has great evasion and can react to punches at lighting pace. He will be respectful of Campa’s power and pedigree, being especially wary not to be upset by a boxer more than 80 positions below him in their respective world rankings. Ultimately, Campa will likely be forced to play the mouse rather than the cat.

It will be an interesting fight to watch, above all because we’ve been so starved of new content. The style of both fighters looks to rule out the possibility of a boring match-up; two pressure fighters with KO power, trained in the Mexican pressure style are unlikely to go 10 rounds.

Should the fight go ahead as planned, it will likely air on ESPN on June 6th, the undercard is yet to be announced.