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Boxxer ‘Breakthrough’ Show Review: Artingsall Debut, Cheema Razzmatazz, Denny Settles A Score, Azim Wows And Eggington Wins World Honours.

On the Boxxer Breakthrough Show, we saw Karriss Artingsall make her debut, Dylan Cheema make his much loved and action-packed entrance, Tyler Denny settled a score, Adam Azim wowed, and Sam Eggington achieve world honours.

Boxxer & Sky Sports Boxing brought us the show dubbed ‘breakthrough’ from Skydome arena in Coventry filled with up-and-coming prospects along with some mouth-watering talent from Hennessy sports(Aaron Mckenna & Sam Eggington) and it provided us with a bit of everything.

Boxxer ‘Breakthrough’ Show Review

Scott Forrest vs Toni Visic

The action got off to a bang with cruiserweight Scott Forrest emphatically stopping Toni Visic. The 54-fight veteran was Cheavon Clarke’s debut opponent in February and with him being stopped in 2 rounds on that night Forrest was looking to get him out of there early in just his second pro outing. Big looping hooks and penetrative body shots reigned in throughout the contest towards the Croatian until 1 minute 35 seconds of the fourth round producing a knockout for his highlight reel when a ferocious right hand from the Scotsman connected and even though a dazed Visic rose the beat the count it was apparent he could not continue with the corner throwing in the towel and the referee accepting immediately.

Aaron Mckenna vs David Benitez

The South American opponent was no match for the work rate of Mckenna who was peppering him with shots in the first couple of rounds until he started to pace his work a little more, and with it becoming more accurate Benitez started to play up for the young Irishman with a bit of showboating to hide the fact he was hurt and clearly out of his depth. At the end of the sixth round, the referee Kevin Parker warned Benitez’s corner that if he doesn’t want to fight he will throw him out. It got worse in the next round with the Argentine deducted a point for an intended low blow and when the action was about to resume he spat his gumshield out on the canvas and that was enough for it to be waved off on one minute forty seconds of the seventh round.

Shakiel Thompson vs Bartosz Glowacki

The latest Boxxer signing Shakiel Thompson produced a six-round shut-out victory. Winning every round with relative ease he has a style that’s easy on the eye and is a 6 ft 3 southpaw that has stopped 5 out of his 8 opponents to date he is being talked up as one of the premier prospects on the UK scene right now. Constructing a performance that will have impressed viewers and proving he’s not just about the knockouts which his record suggests, it is exciting times going forward for the 25-year-old from Sheffield.

Kaisee Benjamin vs Serge Ambomo

Benjamin had made the weight for a super-lightweight title at the previous day’s weigh-in but re-weighed to box Ambomo after his original opponent failed a medical. Previously being on with the likes of JJ Metcalf and David Avanesyan it was a stern test for Benjamin who boxed his way to a 60-55 victory over the durable Cameroon who went all out in the last round looking for that one big shot to end it after attempts to wear Benjamin down with flurries of shots to the body. With just 24 hours’ notice, the game Ambomo certainly came to fight and gave Benjamin a lot to learn from especially in the last round.

Corri Gibbs vs Carlos Perez

Local boy Corri Gibbs got his career going again after his successful night in November last year being crowned Boxxerseries super-lightweight winner in Liverpool. Huge credit to Gibbs for throwing himself in with Spanish champion Perez who came with a decent record of 17-6-2.
Some close rounds and good work from both boxers especially from the home fighter who listened to his corner and produced some slick work from his southpaw stance on his way to a 79 points to 73 victory.

Karriss Artingsall vs Vaida Masiokaite

Making her professional debut the Olympic bronze medallist who defeated Skye Nicholson in the quarter-finals at the delayed Tokyo 2020 games boxed her way to an easy 60-54 points victory. Banking six rounds on her debut is a good start as she will look to gain momentum as a new member of the professional ranks along with partner and Boxxer’s other female Olympian  Lauren Price who was sat ringside on her birthday in support of Karriss.

Tyler Denny vs River Wilson-Bent Rematch.

After the controversy surrounding the first fight which was stopped on a cut deemed to be a clash of heads, there was much anticipation and needle leading into this English Middleweight championship affair.
Both men brought everything they had a brilliant showing in what maybe deserved to be higher up the running order. The tall and rangy Wilson-Bent tried to keep Denny away with his long jab but he was closing the gaps quite quickly. TD was relentless when coming forward and connected with the cleaner and much bigger shots in a good fight that was slightly ruined by the excessive amount of clenching and holding at times. Although it was going on from both boxers it was RWB that was deducted a point in the 7th round. It was Wilson-Bent who finished the contest the stronger of the two maybe knowing he needed a knockout to win. A split decision was the verdict as Steve Gray saw the bout 96-94 to RWB. Terry O’Connor 97- 93 & Kevin Parker 96-93 to TD.

Dylan Cheema vs Stuart Greener.

Hometown hero Dylan Cheema was the second Boxxerseries tournament winner on the card. Coming off the back of a brilliant final with Rylan Charlton in which he won by a unanimous decision there was much expectancy in his first fight part of his multi-fight deal with Boxxer and sky sports. The expectancy didn’t disappoint. The razzmatazz he promised from himself and his team was delivered via the eccentric ring walk which compromised of drummers and his team dancing at ringside. A vibrant energy that has been greeted with huge admiration from boxing fans. Cheema was matched with ‘little canelo’ Stuart Greener who certainly came to fight and had as much success in parts as the Coventry man who did use his jab to effect, stepping around his man followed by several combinations to head and body. Plenty to work on for Dylan going forward after taking the decision of 39-37 points. He can take a lot from last night’s performance and if he can couple that with the momentum from the Boxxerseries and the ever-growing fan base and energy he can be a force to be reckoned with.

Co-Main Event: Adam Azim vs Anthony Loffet

A complete mismatch for Azim due to who Boxxer are able to match him with this early in his career. The 20-year-old is touted to be a world champion within 18 months. Unfortunately, the contest didn’t last long but Azim dazzled with his ferocious power to knockout the Belgium Loffet who brought a record of 8-1 within the very first minute of the fight. Shane McGuigan knows he has one of the top three prospects in the UK right now along with Galal Yafai and Ben Whittaker and the next match-up will be an extremely interesting one. With Rylan Charlton and his team declaring they would take the fight with team Azim it is definitely one that fits the description of the test that’s needed for Adam at this stage of his career.

Main Event: Sam Eggington vs Przemyslaw Zysk

The ‘Savage’ wasn’t involved in what now seems a traditional Eggington fight of the year contest but he did what he had to do to win the IBO super welterweight world title. A bit more movement than usual from Sam over the 12 rounds which has been encouraged more by his team as he is one that just loves to stand and fight! Eggington provided his usual combination work and brilliant use of his left jab. With the improvements showing and the obvious level of ability between him and Zysk, the only disappointment was that he didn’t stop him when it seemed it was possible. Boxing his way to a clear victory in which I thought he won every round the local hero was overjoyed to get the win that puts him in a good position with his version of super welterweight world honours, albeit the IBO is not as significant as the other four governing bodies he will now find fighters calling him out and he won’t be short of options.

By Dan Kelly

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