Boxxer Series Winner Ellis Zorro

Boxxer Series Winner Ellis Zorro – Could He Face The winner Of Luke Watkins vs Iain Martell? Or At A Higher Level…

On the evening of Ellis Zorro winning the recent Cruiserweight tournament, Sky Sports Boxing and its promoter Boxxer brought us the second portion this year of the Boxxer series tournament from Manchester, and this time it was those home to the cruiserweight division who were all eyeing the £40K prize money!

Enthralling action from start to finish ensured the 3×3 minute round format lived up to the expectations set by the previous tournaments.

The Success Of Ellis Zorro & The Boxxer Series

Winning each bout by way of decision Zorro\’s calculated timing and in and out movement with knowing when to tie his man up was evidence of him being the most experienced out of the 8 boxers who were participating.

Beating Jay Farrell by 30-27 on all cards in the quarter-final, Jamie Smith by 29-28 29-28 30-28 in the semi-final and Ricky Reeves in the final by 29-28 29-28 30-28.

Now the Lewisham man is £40,000 richer he has plans to use some of it for his daughter\’s need for speech therapy. Not bad earnings for 9 rounds boxed and a multi-fight deal with Boxxer and sky sports.

Could Ellis Zorro face the winner of Luke Watkins vs Iain Martell?

I\’ve previously written about the current state of the cruiserweight division on the domestic scene in an article about IBO world champion Jack Massey, and I feel Ellis is a man that now sits with the crop of fighters like Luke Watkins and Iain Martell who are pencilled in for the vacant English strap at the end of July. Would Team Zorro want the winner? Or will they look to go down a different route to add to his profile? Will they feel he has the tools to compete at a higher level?

Although he\’s not yet boxed anything beyond 6 rounds he did complete 9 whole rounds in the Boxxer series albeit with breaks in-between. So will that give him the confidence to want to box higher than the English title level?

The winner of the English title fight would be one that would definitely peak interest for his first with his Boxxer deal, but that wouldn\’t happen until the back end of the year.

All these questions will be answered over the coming months but not before a much-deserved rest then a sit down with his new promoter Ben Shalom to strategically manoeuvre his path which will have him on a show in what would more than likely be in August/September.

Special mention

A special mention to the other 7 gentlemen who were in the tournament (in no particular order) Jay Farrell, Jamie Smith, Ricky Reeves, Annes Taj, Sheldon Mcdonald, Jack Fay and Ryan Cotterell. All involved in a great night of hard-hitting prizefighter style action, not one of these warriors was involved in a bad fight on the night.

By Dan Kelly

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