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Dec Spelman Returns In A Tune-up On A Stefy Bull Show On May 27th, Ahead Of A Rearranged Contest With David Jamieson 

Dec Spelman will return to the ring on May 27th on a card promoted and matched by Stefy Bull which will take place in Rotherham at the Magna Centre.

It was a spider bite that befell Joseph Parker ahead of his originally slated contest with Derek Chisora and there was no Marvel subplot for David Jamieson in his bad luck forcing him out of his bout in a stop the press card for the Scottish media in Glasgow. No Peter Parker antics for the big cruiserweight, a dog bite struck and the clash between Dec Spelman and David Jamieson on the Rankin vs Ayala unification card had to be called off.

Dec Spelman Returns On May 27th

Spelman clearly wants to stay active and feel out his suitability for the cruiserweight division, as he faces a yet to be announced opponent on a Stefy Bull show at the Magna Centre in Rotherham on Friday, May 27th. A quick word on the venue, a sprawling maze of NASA-Esque corridors in a building now used for science exhibitions that were formerly the site of a colossal steelworks. How apt! It is now used as a stomping ground for the sweet science of boxing with the ring acting as a crucible of fire for steel to be forged in the heat of sweltering labour.

Dec Spelman looked to have carried up the power in his last bout with Perry Howe and despite three consecutive defeats before that cruiserweight debut show on Fightzone, it cannot be debated that he has been in with a higher level of opposition than Jamieson, in the form of Anthony Yarde, Lyndon Arthur and Shakkan Pitters.

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Spelman did win the odd round against Yarde before being stopped and by the reports I have received, he can more than hold his own against fully-fledged, career cruiserweights. He has a high guard that is difficult to penetrate but the width of his two arms in the defensive posture does make him potentially susceptible to an on the button uppercut.

Dacid Jamieson vs Dec Spelman

The matchmaking for his tune-up in Rotherham is a tricky dilemma to navigate. The perfect preparation for Jamieson would be a pressure fighter that is going to throw hell for leather for the entirety of the scheduled distance with a relentless work ethic and punch output. However, a physically gruelling battle against an away fighter coming to win could take a lot out of Dec Spelman ahead of what will be a hopefully rearranged IBO inter-continental throwdown between Spelman and Jamieson.

Ultimately, as much as you don’t want to advocate easy fights against journeymen who opt not to show ambition, I would go for that option, on the basis that the ideal spot for the Jamieson Spelman fight to land would be as chief support for Martell Watkins English title show.

In some ways, David Jamieson vs Dec Spelman being positioned as a decider for the right to fight the winner of Martell Watkins would have more marketability and appropriateness than Jamieson fighting in his hometown (of-sorts for the East Kilbride man). The purse bids declared that Martell Watkins would land at the Sheffield car park arena, but Boxrec indicates that it will now take place in the capital in Tower Hamlets.

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Jamieson is no stranger to fighting in London, having blasted out Dave Preston in, funnily enough, a Rankin unification world title undercard at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. In my eyes, I hope the Spelman tune-up gets televised on some outlet or other because the potential fight path for Spelman is tantalising. Moreover, he is a boxer familiar to UK fight fans and has been a staple of primetime TV shows in recent times.

Jamieson will look to derail those plans and will be an interesting observer of the Spelman Rotherham outing. It’s a real coup for the Stefy Bull show and as stated, the desired route for Dec Spelman after this has to be Jamieson.

Spelman will hope Jamieson burns out if he wastes energy and fails to get past his defence in the first half of the fight and catch him late in an exhausted state or outbox him over the duration of the fight.

Jamieson will hope Spelman can’t handle the heat of a hustling and bustling cruiserweight who didn’t tire with an all-out demolition mode switched on against Jangirov for 10 rounds and also recovered from a knockdown against Lawal to back him up.

The winner could go on to fight Martell Watkins, albeit Jamieson wouldn’t be eligible for the English as a Scotsman. Spelman is back and there is a lot at stake for him down the line too.

By HarryNSB

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