Eddie Hearn Makes SHOCKING Claim About Rival BOXXER's Third-Party Financial Backing

Eddie Hearn Makes SHOCKING Claim About Rival BOXXER’s Third-Party Financial Backing

Promoter Eddie Hearn Alleges Third-Party \”Investors\” Funding The Huge Offers From Ben Shalom

Hearn revealed that his TV budget was larger than his competitors\’ BOXXER but the \’next generation\’ promoters were funded by third-party investors \”There\’s a difference between having a big TV budget and having a budget from investors and that\’s what we\’re up against\”

\”The crazy thing about boxing is that promotional companies will receive investment. We\’ve seen it (third-party backers) with Al Haymon, we see it with BOXXER. Once the money burns out, everything changes. But during that period you have to compete with all the new boys\”

Hearn is confident that the increased budget BOXXER have through investors, which has led them to make eyebrow-raising financial plays, will be short-lived and soon enough they will have to start offering market value for fighters and fights where the British promoter is adamant that his DAZN backing will see him outshine the rest.

\”Now you\’ve got other promotional companies that have investment – they\’ll make mistakes, they\’ll lose money.\” Eddie Hearn has been openly critical of moves made by BOXXER such as staging Alycia Baumgardner vs Mikaela Mayer as an undercard bout in the UK, a fight with two Americans where Hearn claims Baumgardner received a 7-digit purse.

\”We leave Sky, we have this huge budget but then Sky step back up, then BOXXER comes in – have funding from an investor. Sky had the raving hump when I left, they felt that they built me to a position of power and then we left. What they decided to do is go on the attack, \’f**k Eddie Hearn\’.\”

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As always, if the British promoter had been quieter, he would never have had this problem. Sky almost stopped showing boxing until Hearn\’s public criticism of them when they made it a mission to battle with Matchroom/DAZN for boxing supremacy in the UK. A fight that will continue well into 2023.

By Darshan Desai