Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

Stephen Espinoza Updates Fans On Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Fight Contracts, Responds To Oscar De La Hoya

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Contracts Might Not Be Signed Until Fight Week Per Showtime Exec Espinoza

Late last year, Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, alongside networks executives Stephen Espinoza (Showtime) and Joe Markowski (DAZN), announced on social media that they had agreed on terms to meet in a Las Vegas super fight in April, with the rumoured date being April 15.

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Just days later, Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions), the representative for Ryan Garcia, took to social media to reveal that contracts had not yet been signed for Tank vs Garcia. Now in the last 24 hours, De Lay Hoya set a deadline of Monday to receive a contract or he would be moving Garcia on from the Tank clash.

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Stephen Espinoza opened up on the contractual situation in an interview with Fight Hub TV on the fight week of Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia. Espinoza revealed that it is not uncommon for contracts to not be signed until the week of the fight and that was very much the case for Tank\’s bout with Hector Garcia per the Showtime Exec.

\”I\’m not saying that contracts are never signed until the week of the fight. But I\’ll tell you this one (Davis vs Hector Garcia) was signed within the last 24 hours. There was an understanding in place. It\’s not that unusual.\”

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Espinoza confirmed that contracts haven\’t been exchanged but from Tank\’s side, there is no issues with the fight.

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\”There\’s generally something. Is there a formal signed contract? No. Is there a very detailed exchange of terms (which everyone is in agreement of)? Yes. Did everyone review the announcement and agree before it was made? Absolutely\”

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The Showtime Sports Executive could not understand why De La Hoya was making these comments and went on to insinuate that the promoter was attempting to withdraw Garcia from the fight.

\”It\’s a little bit puzzling, a little bit mysterious why you would say \’sure Ryan go ahead and tell everybody you have a deal\’ and then two days later come out and say \’well there\’s not really a deal\’.\”

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\”I\’m not sure what the agenda is. Maybe it\’s cold feet, maybe you are getting buyer\’s remorse over the deal you made, but on the day the fighters announced they had a deal, everyone was in agreement. Why a couple days later it changed is a mystery to me\”

After multiple super fights have fallen through in recent months, fans are hoping that Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia does happen but it seems that every week there\’s a new obstacle in the way and the chances of us seeing this fight are looking bleaker and bleaker by the day.

By Darshan Desai

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