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Eubank Jr Benn Rehydration Clause Shockingly Revealed As Only 5 LBS

Spencer Oliver Reveals Details Of Eubank Jr Benn Rehydration Clause

Former professional boxer and current boxing pundit Spencer Oliver revealed to TalkSport listeners yesterday that the Eubank Jr Benn rehydration limit was only 5 lbs, significantly lower than boxing fans expected. Most rehydration clauses are around 10 lbs including the ones formerly used by Canelo, the IBF has changed recently to 12 lbs.

The rehydration weigh-in will be 11 am on the morning of fight day for both fighters. The weight limit for Eubank Jr vs Benn is 157 lbs. There is a ‘massive financial penalty’ if Eubank weighs over 157 lbs and should he weigh in over 158.5 lbs, the Eubank Jr vs Benn fight is officially off. The rehydration clause according to Oliver means that both fighters cannot be over 162 lbs on 11 am on October 8. Many see this as a significant advantage to Conor Benn.

Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr both told TalkSport in the last two days that their walking around weight is around 170-171 lbs. Although one fights at Middleweight (160 lbs) and the other at Welterweight (147 lbs), they claim to be walking around at the same weight. Hearn expects Benn to rehydrate to 164 on fight night and Eubank to enter the ring at 167-168 meaning there are only 3-4 lbs between them on the night and Eubank cannot properly rehydrate till after 11 am on fight day.

By Darshan Desai

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