Ivan Redkach Pulled Out Of Adrien Broner Dream Fight, Replaced By Hank Lundy

Ivan Redkach BLASTS ‘Greedy’, Joe De Guardia, Labels Promoter As SELFISH. Reveals He Was Willing To Give De Guardia His WHOLE PURSE

Ivan Redkach Reveals He Was Willing To Fight Adrien Broner For Free

Ukraine\’s Ivan Redkach (23-6-1) was supposed to face 4-weight champion Adrien Broner (34-4-1) on February 25th in the headline bout of a BLK Prime PPV event.

Ivan Redkach told NoSmokeBoxing on Monday night that he was pulled off the main event by BLK Prime and blamed his promoter Joe De Guardia for this.

NSB managed to get an exclusive interview with Redkach detailing his thoughts on the situation and why he puts the blame at his promoter\’s doorstep.


We asked Redkach why he felt De Guardia prevented him from fighting Broner and he responded by labelling his promoter as purely selfish, not showing any interest in the well-being of his boxer but only his own personal benefit.

\”It\’s horrible for my career. He\’s taking my livelihood away. This is a fight that I\’ve been counting on for many years. Going back 5-6 years I\’ve been counting on this particular fight. It\’s very damaging for my career to continue to work with him\”

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When Redkach was asked to elaborate on his current relationship with DeGuardia, the Ukrainian boxer responded by stating that he didn\’t have his promoter\’s phone number. \”I don\’t know what kind of promoter he\’s claiming to be for me, there\’s been no communication.\”

Redkach revealed that in the whole process, he didn\’t receive a call from De Guardia to discuss the issues. Per Redkach, BLK Prime wanted this fight to happen and were even willing to make changes to suit De Guardia until they couldn\’t give the promoter any more concessions and simply pulled Redkach out of the show.


\”The last thing I told Joe is you wanna go 50-50 on this fight? fine. You want my entire purse? fine. But don\’t stand in the way of this fight. Joe simply said no.

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\”It\’s definitely greed. I was gonna fight for free. At first, Joe had said that he would do it for 25%, then he changed to 30%, then he started to change to 40%, finally, I told him \’just take the whole purse, I don\’t care\’. Joe just said no.\”

Ivan Redkach concluded by revealing that during this situation he has received lots of private messages from boxers who are in/were in similar situations with De Guardia and could relate to him. Redkach advises other boxers not to do business with De Guardia after what happened with his career.

By Darshan Desai

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