Fousey Suspects Deji Could Be A Drug Cheat

Fousey Suspects Deji Could Be A Drug Cheat

In a tweet last night, social media sensation Fousey revealed that Deji’s team checked to see if there was drug testing for their fight on the KSI Wassabi undercard. Initially believing that Deji’s camp had concerns that he was juicing, Fousey then jumped to the dramatic conclusion that Deji could be on something himself and his camp may be worried that they would fall foul of testing.

Fousey said, ‘Maybe they were checking since He’s on something.’

It can be questioned whether a sudden suspicion in Fousey’s head that Deji could be getting into shape through illegal means is something that should be shared publicly. The YouTube boxing scene lacks the same media regulation of PR’s, managers and agents that orthodox professional boxing has. And in the age of lawsuits, Deji may feel he has a case for defamation if Fousey goes further and explicitly states Deji is on PEDs.

He backed up his suggestions that Deji may not be a clean athlete by questioning Deji’s weight transformation.

Why Does Fousey Suspect Deji Of Cheating?

‘He ain’t goin from fat to fit all of a sudden without help.’ Fousey claimed.

There certainly have been many examples of boxers who have cut weight and gained muscle through unlawful methods. Canelo tested positive for Clenbuterol after his fight with Gennady Golovkin. Clenbuterol speeds up metabolism, increases muscle gains and reduces excess fat. The notoriety of such examples throughout elite, professional boxing could be weighing on Fousey’s mind. In this sense, it could be argued that there is a legitimate cause for concern that Deji’s team are either hoping a banned substance will pass through his system in time before the testing kicks into gear or are conjuring up other ideas as to how to mask it.

But again, this feels a stretch at best and defamation at worst. By all accounts, Deji is training his arse off this year for the Wassabi fight and now Fousey. Sometimes the past crimes of others can unfairly taint genuine graft of present fighters and Youtubers in particular, bear the brunt of that fallacy.

By Harry Duffy

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