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Hasim Rahman Jr Refuses 500k Bet / Instagram Handle Change With Jake Paul

Hasim Rahman Jr was in no mood to indulge Jake Paul in his usual pre-fight gambling antics. Historically, Jake Paul has seen Tyrone Woodley forced to tattoo ‘I love Jake Paul’ on his finger.

Jake Paul previously lost a million-pound wager with Eddie Hearn over Taylor vs Serrano but claimed that was voided by the Matchroom head honcho pulling out at the last minute. He was also set to put his money on the line with Tyson Fury over the Tommy fight.

When Jake ventured into the realms of a 500k bet with Rahman Jr at their press conference, for the winner of their August 6th fight, the suggestion was immediately shot down by the WBC American heavyweight challenger.

Rahman Jr said, ‘This ain’t about no bet.’ Highlighting the fact he isn’t about to get drawn into any gimmick or headline-grabbing narrative over the fight, he simply wants to let his fighting do the talking in the ring and reap the rewards that come with that after.

He also highlighted that his focus will be on the technical preparation of the match-up rather than media mud-slinging. Stating succinctly, ‘I ain’t got time to be playing with ya bruh’.

By Harry Duffy

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