Jarrell Miller Fighting On July 23rd As Lucas Browne Calls Him Out

Jarrell Miller Fighting On July 23rd As Lucas Browne Calls Him Out

With Jarrell Miller fighting on July 23rd and Lucas Browne calling him out for a fight this week, the return of the two doping heavyweights poses the questions as to whether there is a place for redemption in boxing or would a clash between the two legitimatise cheating?

First of the bat, the devil’s advocate, redemption argument. The shape that Big Baby Miller was in against Ariel Bracamonte certainly indicated that he was no longer on the juice.

Jarrell Miller Fighting On July 23rd

By taking away performing enchanting supplements and consigning boxers to extended periods of inactivity, it is essentially creating a space for boxers to prove that they genuinely do have genuine, crafted ability and talent.

It also means that they have to go through a gruelling training camp without the crutch of knowing they have an unfair advantage. Also, the case of Tyson Fury is a real redemption story of a man who has fallen foul to derogatory rhetoric and courageously battled against alcoholism and obesity. However, the boxing world has perhaps brushed under the carpet his protracted dispute with the BBBofC, where he wasn’t technically proven innocent for Nandrolone.

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Jarrell Miller vs Lucas Browne?

If Fury can rise again after swimming in the murky waters of a doping case, are we wrong to castigate the likes of Big Baby and Big Daddy Browne?

To cut to the chase, no. I’m not going to be the contrarian, just for the sake of it. Big Baby has been banned more than once and along with Browne, has also failed multiple tests. In such a dangerous sport, there can be no room for second or third chances.

The irony of Miller fighting on a WBA ‘KO Drugs’ was not lost on many commentators and fans, taunting and goading us into giving publicity (and I’m aware this article is adding to that media attention) to a known drug cheat.

His greatest punishment so far is missing out on the Anthony Joshua fight, a depleted Joshua who would go on to lose to his replacement opponent, Andy Ruiz. The 5-minute rapping roast of AJ on the gloves are off never saw the light of day. Miller could have changed his stars in the same way Ruiz did. But now he has been giving the chance of another bite of the cherry to pull the wool over our eyes and make more money and have the chance for sporting glory.

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Lucas Browne\’s protestations of innocence and singular ban maybe give him some clutching straw of saving grace. But if he’s looking at opponents to call out and build on the momentum of his Junior Fa KO, he should look away from Big Baby Miller.

By Harry Duffy

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