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Kell Brook Retires On Top After His TKO Win Over Amir Khan

One of the most speculated topics in British boxing since Kell Brook beat his long time rival, Amir Khan in February this year. Will Kell Brook Retire, or will he fight on? Now we can confirm, that Kell Brook Retires.

In recent weeks rumours hit the boxing community that Kell Brook may be set to face Chris Eubank Jr at a catchweight,

However, days ago the rumours were dampened after Kalle Sauerland mentioned in a number of interviews with youtube platforms that the ‘talks had gone cold.

Kell Brook Retires

Kell Brook has now confirmed his future in professional boxing by announcing his retirement in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, stating:

I’ve had a long chat with my family and my parents, and it’s over for me. I’ll never box again, It’s a little emotional to be actually saying this out loud. My mum is relieved. I think everyone around me is pleased. Truth is, boxing is a very very tough, dangerous sport, one in which you can be legally killed in the ring, and I’ve finished now with all my faculties intact.

Kell Brook – The Sunday Telegraph.

After Kell Brook’s huge TKO win over Amir Khan, there have been whispers that Brook may fight the likes of Conor Benn, Chris Eubank Jr plus many other active names to demonstrate that he still has what it takes to compete at the world level.

After many ups and downs in his career, Brook ends his run at the age of 36 with a record of 40-3-0 with 28 KOs. Only losing to elite-level opponents, Gennady Golovkin, Errol Spence and most recently Terrence Crawford.

It appears from Brook’s comments with the Sunday Telegraph that this retirement announcement is permanent, however, boxing has seen many fighters miss the sport and make a return to the ring. Will we see Brook do the same?

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