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Kell Brook vs Amir Khan 2: Who Does It Benefit More?

Kell Brook vs Amir Khan 2, will fans get to see a rematch? Boxing fans finally got to see the fight they have been waiting for for over a decade after following the ups and downs of both Kell Brook and Amir Khan\’s careers.

In the run-up to the fight, the UK was firmly divided on who they thought would win, mainly based on the records and accolades of both fighters, but also partly based on who they liked more. With that said, most agreed that the fight was happening far too late in both of their careers.

On fight night, Kell Brook was evidently dominant from the first round and arguably all 6 rounds that the fight lastest, which not many could have anticipated. So, do boxing fans need to see a second fight?

Kell Brook vs Amir Khan 2

In the immediate aftermath of the fight, Khan was seen with his right hand hidden and elevated within his jacket opening which has raised the following questions, was Khan injured before the fight? did he injure his hand in round 1? or could this be a ploy to build a narrative for a second fight with Brook?. Boxxer and Sky Sports Boxing Promoter Ben Shalom has said this:

\”I believe him that he was injured. I do believe that there were some issues with the camp and he only had 10 weeks. It\’s for him to prove he\’s not finished, it\’s for him to prove it\’s not just about the money, and therefore I think another fight to show that might be more appropriate before he takes on someone like Kell Brook.\”

Ben Shalom – Sky Sports Boxing.

What\’s Next For Kell Brook?

Since his TKO win over Khan, a fight against Brook has been a hot topic for promoters and managers in the sport. Both Danny Garcia and Chris Eubank Jr are considered frontrunners, with talks for the Eubank Jr fight apparently progressing more positively.

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A second fight between Brook and Khan is unlikely to happen next since Brook appears to have already \’ticked that box\’ in his career, and there are potentially more profitable fights out there for him.

What\’s Next For Amir Khan?

Amir Khan did have written According to their first fight contract, Khan was able to rematch Brook if he lost the first fight. Khan has stated that he may still do this, but this may just be due to not wanting Brook to move on without Khan benefitting financially from the contract clause.

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Boxxer promoter, Ben Shalom has been seen in multiple interviews recently stating that he would like to see Khan get a win under his belt before looking into the Brook rematch further.

Who Does A Second FIght Between Brook And Khan Benefit More?

Since they saw the first fight and it seemed decisive, boxing fans would likely benefit the least from a rematch between the former world champions. Unless they\’re Khan fans and want to see Khan try and win again, or Brook fans who want to see Brook stop Khan more cleanly.

Khan may have more to lose than Brook if he loses to Brook more decisively in a second fight there really is no going back, and his career will be tarnished further. Kell Brook would be the heavy favourite going into the rematch and both would benefit hugely financially.

So we answer the question, who would a rematch between Brook and Khan benefit more? it would have to be an equal split between Brook, Boxxer and Sky Sports Boxing.

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