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Lawrence Newton: The Sleeper Prospect Who Has Crept into The World Scene

An interesting addition to the WBA bantamweight rankings back in June, Lawrence Newton has now ranked the 13th best fighter in the division by the governing body, thrusting him onto the world scene and on the cusp of eliminator fighters down the line.

Lawrence Newton Has Crept into The World Scene

So how has got there? Well, back in January, Lawrence Newton won the vacant NBA (North American Boxing Association) title against Mario Hernandez. He’s also been a professional since 2016 and has amassed 15 wins and 7 KOs.

For cross-comparison, Joe Cordina has the same amount of wins and turned over a year later and has just gone on to win a world title.

Joe Cordina’s Olympic pedigree and Matchroom backing may have given him more of a profile and potential but Lawrence Newton will be hoping to emulate Joe Cordina’s disruptive emergence as a world champion when some commentators were questioning whether he warranted a shot.

The last rationale you can point to for Lawrence Newton’s positioning in the rankings is that bantamweights experience an earlier maturation as a fighter. So, at 26, his manager, Joseph Samara may have argued that he’s coming into his peak years as an athlete at the weight.

Lawrence Newton Has Crept into The World Scene

Clearly, governing bodies don’t simply look just to the convenience of a fighter being put in the right place at the right time but management does guide fighters with a specific, laser-like focus on the rankings. Joseph Samara has obviously felt that the time is now for Lawrence Newton.

There is limited footage out there of Newton but there are two fights on YouTube of his clashes with Teofimo Lopez in the amateurs at a much younger age.

Even back then, you can see a slight foot and a jolting punch in his locker that reflects the talent of someone who is born to be a fighter.

Lawrence Newton’s nickname is ‘Big Time’ and he might well just find himself in the Big Time sooner rather than later. If Inoue moves up to face the likes of Fulton, then a vacuum will be created for the bantamweight straps that have largely been dominated by Inoue and Donaire in recent years.

Time will tell but for now, interesting development and a name to keep an eye on.

By Harry Duffy

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