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Campbell Hatton vs Michael Gomez Jnr, Could It Happen Soon?

Will boxing fans get to see a future fight between Campbell Hatton and Michael Gomez Jnr in a match-up which could be titled, \’son\’s of legends?

The confident Mancunian is the son of British boxing great, Michael Gomez and is certainly not afraid to voice his opinion and especially not on his own work.

Michael Gomez Jnr, now 27 years old has a record of (17-1-0) and he says he\’s ready for any challenge next, he is appreciative to Dennis Hobson and Kevin Maree for keeping him active, more than he ever has been. Fighting 6 times in 9 months.

Campbell Hatton vs Michael Gomez Jnr

Michael Gomez Jnr made plenty of noise about who he would like to face next in Campbell Hatton and was very vocal after going eight rounds with Ezequiel Gregores, the same man who Campbell Hatton went 6 rounds with just a fortnight earlier on the undercard of Conor Benn vs Chris Van Heerden.

He explains that this would be the best time for his fellow Mancunian to fight him as he\’s \”boxing terribly\”

\’Boxing terribly\’ would be a bit harsh on himself, as he\’s been incredibly active and I have to give him tremendous amounts of credit for his fight with the Argentine, he had to deal with him leading in with his forehead on several occasions causing the referee to deduct a point during the contest.

Michael Gomez Jnr elected to work the body for the majority and with good use combinations at the correct times in the fight as he battled his way to a decent 78-74 points victory.

Would team Hatton want to take it right now is the question, or would they think it\’s too soon!?

Currently, at (7-0) he only made his debut in March last year and has notched up 32 rounds compared to Gomez who has boxed 30 rounds since June of last year, which is very similar as is the level of opposition they\’ve faced(the exact same opposition in the month of April 2022)

This is a very winnable fight for both men at this particular time in their careers, it\’s marketable as well due to the obvious reason that both have fathers with names in boxing. But realistically I don\’t see it being made imminently, maybe 2-3 fights down the line!?

Maybe a couple of good tests and more journeymen before it does happen as Campbell is only fighting 6 rounders I think team Gomez would want this over 8 rounds minimum.

It\’s a match-up that has great potential so let\’s wait and see how this one plays out…

By Dan Kelly

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