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Nigel Benn Explains What Would Happen If His Son, Conor Benn, Ever Took A Performance-Enhancing Drug

Nigel Benn Revealed In His Meet And Greet Alongside Chris Eubank Sr What Would Happen If He Found Out His Son Knowingly Took A PED

The much-anticipated domestic super fight between Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr was postponed on Thursday, October 6, a day after news broke that Benn tested positive for a female fertility drug called Clomifene.

The failed test reportedly dated back to early September with both parties being notified of the failed test around the 20th of September, however, choosing to go ahead with the bout. The BBBofC reportedly decided not to sanction the fight in the interests of boxing on Oct 4, after they had known for around two weeks.

VIDEO: Nigel Benn Reveals That He Has Known About Conor Benn’s Adverse Finding For 3 Months

The Benn side has maintained their innocence throughout the scandal but not given much information outside of one or two statements guaranteeing Conor Benn’s name would be cleared in the end.

A few days ago, Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank Sr hosted one part of their scheduled tour and in that tour, Benn explained his belief in his son.

“If my son ever… ever ever ever took a performance-enhancing drug, I’m sorry to say I’d hang him out. I’d say ‘son I love you but you’re on your own’. I know my son, he’s got my DNA. He would never do that. There’s so much that’s going to come out now.”

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By Darshan Desai

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