Sergey Kuzmin Gets A First Round Knockout Over Richard Lartey In Moscow

Sergey Kuzmin Gets A First Round Knockout Over Richard Lartey In Moscow

Sergey Kuzmin Lartey Walks Onto The Inside Work Of Kuzmin And Gets KO’d

Russian heavyweight, Sergey Kuzmin made quick work of Ghanian boxer Richard Lartey, finishing him with a rising shot that caused Lartey to fall forward and onto his side.

Kuzmin had been using the jab as a range-finder for a big shot and in the end, when Lartey tried to close in on Sergey Kuzmin after reading a feint, he walked onto a well-timed straight with a slight degree of rotation from the right arm.

Sergey Kuzmin likes to throw shots from a short distance, especially the hook, and the punch against Lartey bore similarities to a beauty that caught David Price on his chin and ultimately may have affected his decision to pull out of their bout with an injury.

Sergey Kuzmin Doubles Up On Knockouts In Moscow

After a glut of knockouts for Kuzmin in the first few phases of his career, he has now secured consecutive knockout victories in Moscow and moves to 17-2.

Sergey Kuzmin\’s previous victory came in late November last year against a Brazilian heavyweight with a 100% knockout Russia, albeit a fighter that had never fought at the same level as Kuzmin or outside of his native Brazil.

Richard Lartey is a more recognizable name to British fight fans, famed for bringing fire in his game plan against Daniel Dubois and coming up with swinging fists full of ambition.

However, as he has since shown in knockout defeats to Fabio Wardley and Abdulkerim Edilov, he has been overmatched and while some fans claim he is culpable of looking for the easy way out, it is perhaps a testament to the gulf in quality between Lartey and the heavyweights he is facing, which causes his knockout falls to look so dramatic and unnatural.

Sergey Kuzmin As An Interim Bout For Joe Joyce Before Parker?

So what next for Sergey Kuzmin? He didn’t exactly clock up many miles on the click on Friday 27th May and he could jump straight back into action with the biggest fight of his professional career to date in Joe Joyce on the 2nd of July.

The narrative is already set as Kuzmin stopped Joyce in the amateurs and in my eyes, is a credible enough opponent given he has got proven power and there would be a slight level of intrigue as to whether he could catch Joyce with one of those inside punches if Joyce falls through with a punch while trying to wear him down with his trademark and exceptional volume and output.

Moreover, Kuzmin has fought in the UK before against Price and Martin Bakole, so is familiar with British boxing fans, and arguably his two defeats to Bakole and Michael Hunter have come against a slicker style than Joe Joyce with boxers that moved around Kuzmin more than Joyce is likely to do.

Carlos Takam Or An All-Russian Clash With Murat Gassiev?

Other options are ex-Joyce opponent, Carlos Takam and an all-Russian clash with Murat Gassiev. Takam fought in Moscow back in 2014 against Alexander Povetkin and at 41, won’t be afraid of taking part in a risky fight, knowing the clock is well and truly on for him to get as many big and meaningful match-ups in before he retires.

Carlos Takam would be happy to meet Kuzmin up close and personal in the ring and it’s a crossroads fight where both would know anything but an impressive performance would seriously derail their ambitions.

Lastly, Gassiev would obviously be a big fight domestically in Russia and his inactivity and lack of big fight experience at heavyweight mean now is the most opportune time for that fight to happen for Kuzmin.

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