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Is Tyson Fury\’s Silence About Daniel Kinahan Acceptable?

On Monday Night, News Broke that the advisor of Tyson Fury – Daniel Kinahan was officially identified by the U.S. Government as a key member of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group (KOCG). The US treasury has sanctioned Kinahan and a $5,000,000 reward for information leading to the financial disruption of KOCG or the arrest and/or conviction of Kinahan. 

Kinahan is famous in boxing for many reasons. One most prominent is his relationship with WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury. Fury has mentioned Kinahan as a key adviser to himself and in 2020 even specified that Kinahan was instrumental in making the Fury-Joshua Deal. Links have also been mentioned of Kinahan and Joshua\’s 258 Management.

Kinahan, identified as a narco-terrorist by the US Government, has previously been named in the Irish courts as the head of one of Europe\’s most prominent drug gangs. The Kinahan cartel is one of the major parties in the Hutch–Kinahan feud, which has resulted in 18 murders since 2015.

In 2021, the BBC Panorama did an eye-opening documentary on Daniel Kinahan exposing how he intimidated people in the boxing industry such as Barry McGuigan and how Kinahan was still very much involved in boxing despite him claiming to have cut all ties in 2017. Kinahan has been known as a senior figure in organised crime for over a decade and still is able to have huge power in boxing.

Tyson Fury, one of the bona fide stars of boxing, was warned to cut all ties with Kinahan by the US Government. Any relationship between the two not only puts Fury in a bad light as well as the whole sport of boxing, that a man like Kinahan can have so much influence and power but also includes involvement in a \’criminal network\’.

There was not a single question in the Tyson Fury media conference about Kinahan, suggesting either every journalist there is incompetent or more likely they were barred from asking by the handlers of the event and they will essentially duck any questions relating to Kinahan for as long as possible.

Kinahan\’s involvement in the sport and his role in crime is not \’news\’, it has been known for years, but still the people in the position to question it or bar Fury from giving Kinahan this platform have failed to do so. There is no reason for Kinahan to consistently be positively credited by people in boxing other than boxing being an ungoverned, corrupt and embarrassing sport for giving Kinahan such a profile on a major platform.

People in boxing consistently choose to defend Daniel Kinahan instead of calling him out, including Super Featherweight Boxer Jono Carroll, who stated that all the people that have died as a result of Kinahan\’s actions had nothing to do with him and that he just minds his own business.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman even gave Kinahan his full backing as recent as February proving how the boxing industry has taken Kinahan in and completely ignored all of his wrongdoings.

By Darshan Desai

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