Tyson Fury Announces He Is Recording An Album, Grim Sickers Plans To Be The Next Steve Bunce, Castillo Interviews Eddie Hearn

Tyson Fury Announces He Is Recording An Album, Grim Sickers Plans To Be The Next Steve Bunce, Castillo Interviews Eddie Hearn

Tyson Fury to record an album

Tyson Fury has never been afraid to serenade fans and when you win the way he wins, it’s hard to blame him. His trademark renditions of ‘American Pie’ were taken to a whole ‘nother level when he called upon Don McLean himself for a poignant promotional video for Fury Whyte.

The video accompanied footage of McLean singing in the ring with footage of Fury, and in one moment matching footage of Fury’s dramatic breakdown with the lyrics, “With every paper, I\’d deliver/Bad news on the doorstep.”

Fury has also featured on a published track before singing a Christmas song with Robbie Williams and in classic Fury style, he labelled Santa a ‘big dosser’. Fury’s exclusive revelation to Ring Magazine (Tyson Fury vacates Ring heavyweight championship – The Ring (ringtv.com)) that he was releasing a Christmas album, originally slated that he would like to collaborate with Ed Sheeran and Adele. In the constantly evolving world of Fury, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he pulled one of those features off.

Grim Sickers To Go Into Boxing Punditry

I had the pleasure of speaking to a boxing-mad rapper myself, Grim Sickers (GRIM SICKERS BELIEVES CONOR BENN STOPS EUBANK JR | TALKS ABOUT BECOMING A BOXING PUNDIT – YouTube). Sickers has previously performed boxing bars on BBC Radio 1xtra and revealed his intention to go into boxing presentation, with discussions already taking place with broadcasters.

‘I’m going to be a full-time boxing pundit when I’m done with the music anyway bro. I’ve been speaking to broadcasters and they want me now but I’m not finished with the music yet.’

Stay tuned to No Smoke Boxing’s live shows as you may just see Sickers make an appearance down the line and show to the boxing world that his plans to become a pundit are no joke and he knows his stuff.

Castillo Interviews Eddie Hearn

Rob Tebbutt’s new media outlet ID Boxing premiered a new feature with rapper Castillo called ‘The Main Event’ (The Main Event Ep1 | Castillo Meets Eddie Hearn) and he sat down with Eddie Hearn to discuss dating, fashion and of course boxing. Hearn is of course no stranger to link-ups between the magnetically-attracting worlds of boxing and music, having previously released a three-parter with People Just Do Nothing’s Chabuddy G.

But it’s still not often that you find Hearn being asked about \’Gyal in Antigua\’ or giving agony aunt-style dating advice. At the risk of sounding a bit disrespectful, this particular combination perhaps has more credibility with a contemporary, Gen-Z audience than Fury releasing a Christmas single with Robbie Williams. Nonetheless, I’m all for both.

By Harry Duffy

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